Monday, April 15, 2019

Misc. Rug Hooking Chit Chat & Tornado

The last couple days hooking Early Farm Scene realized I was critically close to the end of Old Patina dyed wool.  Luckily there was more solution left so grabbed approximately one yard of cream, white and wheat wool to over-dye.  It is in the dryer now and only hope there will be something to use for the rest of the background.  Since weave and wool content varies it is always a surprise when dyeing.

This is what Early Farm Scene looks like now.  Looking closely you will see a color and slight value difference in background on the left between the tree and black sheep.  That was in the original antique so was able to use some of my olde patina wool from previous dye lots to get that look.
This is the original antique.
The linen I'm hooking on was purchased on ebay for a good price and is not drawn to scale.  Seemed like a great deal on linen (and it was) but now realize if I'm crazy about hooking an adaptation then I should draw it out myself.

Some things I want to change, which was not the fault of the purchased pattern, is pulling out the purple in the top motif (is that a sun or crop area?).  That purple needs to be red.  Also my Cross is unevenly hooked so that must be fixed.  The reset I can deal with.

Now to the tornado. Here in Delaware we get snow storms, hail, flooding, hurricanes, had a couple mild earthquakes and sometimes tornado warnings.  Of all those things it is tornadoes which scare me to death.  

When living in California was terrified of the earthquakes because they had more magnitude than encountered in Maryland and Delaware.  

During the wee hours this morning there was an EF2 tornado touched down between my town of Seaford and neighboring town of Laurel.  On the news it was reported to be about 50 yards wide and the wake of damage traveled 6.2 miles, you can see some pictures by clicking HERE

After enduring the two trees blown down with just straight winds last March 2, 2018 this would have been very scary if I'd had my iPad in the bedroom when the warning was announced.

My new Olde Patina dyed wool is in the dryer and hope there is something which will work for the remainder of the background.  But, if not, I'll do what was done before....use what I have.



  1. wonderful progress!
    I haven't dyed wool in a while ~ but then again even touching wool makes my 'new' eyeballs ~
    we had tornadic activity here in our parts of good ole' Virginia last night! our local newscasters were on their toes....the WIND!!!! holy moly!
    the rains! good grief! bad night....
    ~ and yet this morning? calm, bright and none the worse for the wear...
    'tis April...loverly,unpredictable April!

  2. Looking good Saundra.... I like that you are so precise in your reproductions. The project I was working on before I misplaced my mojo is an antique reproduction and has very odd directional hooking that I was finding hard to just seemed “wrong” LOL. It is start of tornado season here too....even though there is still snow on ground. And I HATE tornados. Have lived through too many already.....and I know there are more to come. ~Robin~

  3. First, I'm glad you are/were safe from the tornado! I'm with you on that one being scary.
    Also, your rug is looking great. You crack me up - if you want an interpretation of an antique, do it yourself. I have all but quit buying quilt patterns because I just have to "fix" them and do all the math over etc. 😂

  4. We have snow, rain, hail, and there has been tornadoes but the mountains protect us usually from them and they don't happen to often here. Love your rug and I am sure the new wool will look perfect

  5. Hope the old patina wool comes out just perfect. I have saved your recipe and need to use it next time I decide to dye.
    A tornado came through a farming community about an hour and a half from me. My heart aches for the people whose homes were destroyed. So scary.

  6. Tornados are so scary …..thank goodness you are safe & sound ! I Love your progress on your rug ! Hope your wool comes out perfect for you !!! I have so much wool my mother had & a friends mother had , both were avid of these days I need to be brave & dye them too !!! They bought them at the old woolen mills for dirt cheap .


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