Thursday, March 12, 2020

A French Canadian Antique Rug (Updated info)

I found this beauty during my search for antique rugs and have questions to you French Canadians, particularly those who can read the language.

It was described by the listing auction site as "French Canadian hooked rug with Native Americans meeting the Mayflower".
Unfortunately I don't have the ability to read the words on the rug and think it holds a clue as to its truth.

When I think of the Mayflower, I think of it landing in Massachusetts, USA.  Yet in 1600's under King James of Scotland there were 26 ships named "The Mayflower".

Herein is the reason for my inquiry.... I watch the History channel and one of the shows so interesting is the mystery surrounding Oak Island, a/k/a The Curse of Oak Island.  There were early visitors to the island before any human habitation by England, Spanish and Scottish ships.  

The indigenous peoples would have been the Mi'Kmaq who would have greeted the ships and record has it they were friendly.  It would have also been a time when the Crusading Knights Templar would have visited that area.  

Guess you can see I'm quite interested in the history of the area surrounding Oak Island, Nova Scotia.  Anyone who can transcribe those letters for me would be appreciated.  I know the oval rug wasn't hooked back then but still it is interesting.

UPDATE:  Thank you Just Gail and Claire for your information, btw, both of you are NO-REPLY bloggers so I couldn't reply to your emails personally.

I did a google search for the Jacques Cartier info provided by Claire and these are the interesting facts I found.



  1. I never knew there were more than one Mayflower ship. I love history. If you find the meaning on the rug, please share with us. Janice

  2. The first word on top is Arrive. I can't make out the first letter of the second word so that is difficult. The third word means Castle. The bottom: of or at Quebec (or Quedeu?) and the date. I don't know the names of French Canadian places so can't tell for sure. Sorry I don't know more. If I could figure out the first letter of that second word - did they show the back?

  3. Ah ha! Deja vuex - not much view. Perhaps Arrival of not much of a castle???? My best guess.

  4. I see

    Arrive deJayue Castler (there's an accent above teh "e" in arive)
    A Quedeu 1535 (not sure about the third number, could be 1585?)
    A Que Deu 153(8?)5 ("what gave" according to google translate)

    I had no clue about multiple Mayflowers either. I watch the Oak Island show, it's fascinating how much happened there. And Vikings arrived up in that area way before Columbus hit the Caribbean. But white European men get to write the history books, don't they?

  5. Oops - that should be deJayues Castler (I forgot the "s")

  6. I think the coffee may have just kicked it - could that be "deJaques" or "de Jaques"
    being French Canadian rug, that makes more sense. Maybe?

  7. Hi, the rug says.."Arrival of Jacques Cartier" at the top and "to Quebec 1535"

    1. CLAIRE Q, you are also a NO-REPLY blogger so cannot respond to you with an email. That CAN be fixed, just google how to fix it.

  8. I'm Canadian & live in Quebec..

  9. I really like this rug and I have no idea why? So glad you got the translation

  10. I'm glad you got the translation from Claire Q - even after knowing what it says, I really had to squint to make Castler turn into Cartier, and A Que Deu to Quebec!

  11. Yes...Claire is correct.... Je parle un peu fran├žais... ;-). Robin


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