Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Antique Rug Show

Basket of Flowers was hooked late 19th century and measures 33 x 40.
Deer and primitive trees has a nice soft appeal and measures 17.5 x 34.5.
A delicate vase of flowers surrounded by large brown scrolls was
hooked in the 1800s.  Provenance Victor Weinblatt (Mass.) 33 x 50.
Dove of Peace hooked 19th century, property of Michael and Janice Doniger, Chicago, IL.  Dimensions 24 x 41.
Another rug property of Michael and Janice Doniger is this Fancy Floral hooked mid 19th century 37 x 52
I find the following rug interesting ~  'Horse Race No. 5 Won' was hooked late 19 early 20 century.  Am wondering if it was the inspiration for Barb Carroll's design named Tally Ho?  While Tally Ho has only one horse but several dogs they seem similar somehow.  Check it out.
Another horse rug, Running Horse with 2 white socks and corner block accented border was hooked from a salvaged uniform.  Cut hooked mixed fabrics on burlap.  Measures 20 x 36.
Was hoping to post more old rugs but I've got to run errands and want to be home for lunch.  Ta Ta.



  1. The first one with the lines looks very interesting.

  2. The first one speaks to me too , they are all beautiful !

  3. I concur. The first rug is pretty cool, but also love the horse race.

  4. The first rug is my favorite, but that horse is a close second in this race. Janice

  5. The deer and primitive trees has won my heart! Simple and gorgeous!

  6. Love the first,,, but all are so fun,,,
    Thanks saundra!

  7. Nice group of rugs. The deer is my favorite.

  8. how did I get so very far behind in your posts LOL?? Always enjoy your antique rug "shows"... That horse race is my very favorite. Must have been a special race to the hooker I would say. ~Robin~


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