Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another Antique Rug Show

Recently a follower commented she loved my rug shows  ~ that's great because here is another.  I'll start with this brightly colored proddy dog with scallop felt border.  Said to be hooked 20th century and measures 31.5 x 47.
Here is a close-up of the face.
Then on the other end of the spectrum is this rug of Two Pale Blue Cats.  Perhaps the auction house could tell the color better by the back but they did not show that on this particular auction site so will take their word they are blue.
Here is a close up of the cats and you still can't see them well. The rug measures 19 x 38.
Eagle holding the Union Shield measuring 28 x 40.  Colors have maintained their brightness very well.
The back of the rug and it is fun to see how others hook their background and in which directions.  If you tap on the photo it will enlarge.  
A Castle with 3 red Turrets said to be hooked late 19th century.  While I understand people 'using what they have' to hook a rug, I find it rather distracting how the darker wool echos the shape at the top.    I'd have tried to spread it out elsewhere and not repeat the shape at the top, JMHO. 
This half moon floral has been used quite a lot and appears the foundation has come loose from the back.  17 x 30.
Hand in a Heart with hit and miss background circa 1920, measures 22 x 45. 
Should get busy hooking on my rug so there is a little something to show you next time.



  1. Love the eagle rug...but I love everything patriotic :)

  2. WOW the eagle sure is a mighty and awesome one. Also like the red aroung the dog. Janice

  3. love them as always the eagle is pretty.

  4. Holy cats...that eagle is incredible! But I love the faces on those kitties LOL....The colors (blue or not) not so much..... May have just been my ipad screen, but the proddy dog (especially the head) almost looked 3-dimensional at first. ~Robin~

  5. Sweet mats,,, love them all!
    Thanks saundra!

  6. I like the richness of color on that half-moon:-)

  7. the dog rug is making me laugh..he looks so happy...


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