Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 3 for Sprouts & Surviving Virus Isolation

This is what my little (almost) green sprouts with tails look like now at day 3. There are seeds which will still germinate in the next couple days.  Am having a salad tonight and wish they were ready but sadly they aren't.  If and when I receive my order for the two jars are delivered I can start a second jar before one is empty.  But I read somewhere that Amazon has stopped all shipments temporarily.
Tomorrow I was supposed to have laser surgery on my left eye which has scar tissue from cataract surgery 3 years ago but cancelled due to  Covid 19 scare.  As mentioned in yesterday's post April rug camp was cancelled and local Department stores are closing.  Sad day for the US economy with people out of work and no money flowing.

On Facebook I read several other rug hooking events have also closed and am sad for the vendors who depend on sales from the comfort of our habit (oops hobby šŸ˜€)Recently I purchased a couple patterns from rug 2 different rug hooking vendors offering sales.  Hey, a little bit of something is better than all of nothing.  So any folks who wish to comment and post their web site with a sale is very welcome.  And also post them on Facebook.

Today I did clean up my mess in the living room and slowly binding one rug ~ Have I mentioned I HATE binding!!!!!   And am posturing myself to start my new project.  This new project (sadly) has some small motifs which will require SMALL strips.  That's the un-fun part but the rest of the design is good and a CUTE whimsical design.  And rug hooking is a great past-time which keeps me entertained since I'm sequestered in this humble home.

Hope you are all well and staying sane.




  1. Yes things re not looking good for our economy. As a small business owner we depend on our sales, and we had to close our antique store for now. The gift shop remains open with sales being slow, but enough to keep the lights on. Cannot wait to see your new project. Janice

  2. Still going to work each day over here. And you don't reeeeally hate binding do you - Bahahahaha. Yep one of those things I wouldn't say if standing right nest to you :-)

  3. The dreaded binding. I've been working daily binding Antique Floral. UGH!
    All spring hooking events have been cancelled around me. Even a small retreat I was to attend next week had to be cancelled since all dine in restaurants are closed. This is so frightening. As of today, hair salons, tattoo parlors (darn was scheduled for my first!) etc are closed. My son says the governor of Nevada basically shut the state down yesterday. I hope this can somehow be controlled soon before too many lives/businesses are totally destroyed.

  4. Amazon is not stopped totally, due to being swamped by orders, they are "prioritizing delivery of medical supplies, household staples, and other products that are in hight demand due to the pandemic. Items deemed nonessential will have to wait." Quote from LA Times article. From same article, many grocery items are out of stock, similar at Target & Walmart.

    So IF they have the sanitizer or mask, those get shipped first, as will your grocery order (what they have of it anyway). Your sprout jar will be delayed, unless they think it's essential due to being food related?? I haven't bought sprouts in a long time, but I remember they came in a plastic clam shell like berries or cherry tomatoes are packed in. It looked like they were sprouted in there as well - maybe that would work in the mean time?

    I too am worried about the small businesses and vendors with so many cancellations, and people simply staying away. And the not-so-small businesses and vendors as well... Even if magic happened and this were totally halted in a month, the effects will last for quite a while.

  5. Gosh,, feel bad for small bisinesses here too,,,
    Not good for anything,,,
    Hooking, knitting,, walking,,, yoga,,, great food, wine,,, comfortable home,,, and healthy,,,
    Keep calm and hook!
    Take care,,
    And ur binding is a job ! Hate it as well,,,

  6. About that Amazon shipping only essentials - it only affects items held in Amazon warehouses, not items that individual sellers keep in their own inventory. I have no idea how to tell (or if you can) whether things are in Amazon warehouse or not.

  7. I am still growing my sprouts too they taste so fresh! I am still working but it is day to day. I have so many projects I want to do so I have plenty to get me through this. All my retreats have been canceled.
    I too worry for those small businesses

  8. I am probably better suited than most to this "social distancing" thing as I am pretty much of a hermit to begin with and accustomed to amusing myself. I also probably have enough stitching, punching and hooking projects to last me several natural lifetimes. Now food, well, that might be another story...although I probably could survive on the girl scout cookies I have hoarded in my freezer LOL. And...if I perchance run out of wool, Cathy is down the road...and I bet if I bring her some cookies, she will let me come get some wool LOL. I know I am in the minority, but I truly enjoy is so mindless and relaxing. I have one now that needs binding, but need to get the wool for it. Stay safe my friend.... Robin


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