Thursday, March 19, 2020

Narrow Cut Worms and Day 4

I'm preparing to start a new project so pulled out a few bags of worms in narrow cut to hook the small motifs.  That quilt size bag of narrow cut worms was inherited from departed friend Theresa.  
I received that and yardage a few years ago.  First thought was to give this bag to a friend who hooks in narrow cuts but those small cuts have really come in handy.  Most recently I grabbed some to outline the otherwise bland flowers in the rug below.
Here is a close up of one flower.
This is the result of those changes.
Also used some narrow strips from that large bag to outline the boat, the light sections of the whale and the narrow beauty line.  So those narrow worms sure do come in handy and glad I kept that bag.
Now to day 4 of my broccoli sprouts and the difference between yesterday's post and today is amazing.  As you can see there are still some seeds which will still germinate.  
Tomorrow I'll show you what, if anything, is accomplished on my new project.  Happy hooking and keeping my sanity.



  1. Good ting you kept those worms for sure! Sprouts are looking good! Janice

  2. Happy hooking,,,
    Stay safe,,,

  3. I love growing sprouts and broccoli are one of my favorites. I also really like a mix called Mother Mix sprouts from Sprouts People. I love your dog rug!

  4. Happily hooking here too when I can …..I have lots & lots of those narrow worms too, they do come in handy !!! Happy Hooking !!!

  5. You are so clever...and thrifty.... My worms are...well....somewhere breeding I think. ;-). I have never seen these two rugs of yours Saundra! I absolutely love them! Such an antique folky feel....the snail on the dog's back is hilarious.... And, lately I have been drawn to all things nautical.... There doesn't seem to be much out there as far as patterns go in that genre.... At least ones that scream "hook me" to me (well, other than Edyth ONeill's ship....and I am not sure I could do it justice the way I would like..... Hope you are well.... I might have to get some tips on sprout growing from you seeing as that may be the only type of "veggie" we will be able to get our hands on.... Grrrr.... ~Robin~


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