Friday, March 6, 2020


This weekend we SPRING ahead one hour.  Daffodils started peeking out of the ground a couple weeks ago and now the weather is going to be below normal overnight and into tomorrow.  So thought it best to bring in a few of those limping daffodils inside to enjoy.

Sharing the spotlight is this hooked Spring Daffodil delight designed by Kelley Belfast a few years ago.  I did proddy daffodils in the field and a bell on my sheep.  It was definitely a fun challenge hosted by Lori of Out of Hand and as  mentioned...designed by Kelley.
Those two green birdhouses were purchased at Cape May and built by Jack Riehl using vintage recycled parts of the Chalfonte Hotel.  They have never seen my yard as they are special so live inside.

Now to the Sprouts ~ In following Cathy's blog Acorn Hollow noticed she was growing her own sprouts.  I LOVE sprouts on sandwiches and salads so inquired.  She purchased her seeds on-line but as there is a health food store in this sleepy town decided to see if they had alfalfa or broccoli sprout seeds there.  They did.  This is a jar of broccoli sprouts started last Sunday and will definitely be ready to devour tomorrow, hmm maybe I'll put some on a salad tonight.  Looks like they are ready.
Thank you Cathy, am finally able to enjoy my own.  I plan to look for plastic jar lids but doubt they will be available until after harvest season in the fall. Meanwhile I'll use what I have which is a plastic screen cut and inserted inside a metal jar lid.

On a present rug hooking note....I'm not quite done hooking Posies and Stars mat but ordered a whimsical pattern which will be next on my frame.  As much as I'm looking forward to receiving it am afraid it will arrive before the Posies mat is done. The temptation to start the new one and put Posies aside might be too overwhelming.  To be continued 😊



  1. Wow,,, you guys are really into spring!
    We had a real big snow fall last weekend,,, and it still looks like winter!
    Have a great weekend,,,,,

  2. Looking forward to your next start :)

  3. Sweet little vignette. Our daffodils are almost gone and the forsythia is about to be overtaken by green leaves. Love sprouts, but have never grown any. I’m impressed.

  4. Ha're funny. I seem to be pretty good at resisting temptation at least in the hooking department. I finished the hooking on the runner I had started, but can't bind it until I get down to Cathy's to get the wool for whipping, so I picked up my stitching again. Not sure what I want to hook next...I need to pick up my welcome cat rug again, but not feeling the love...was going to go to Cathy's workshop and work on it there, but Cathy got sick and the workshop canceled and well, the rug has sat. Happy Sunday-To-Be. Robin

  5. What a fun hooked rug. Compliments your daffodils immensely! Janice

  6. So glad you got your sprouts going I am on jar number 3 just started so good and fresh. Can't wait to see what is next on your frame.


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