Sunday, March 29, 2020

IT's NO Van Gogh

I've been spreading my time around with yard work, heat outage (yes again), lawn mower repair and grass other words LIFE.  However, what little progress has been made on this adorable Windy Day still has me stymied.   Was hoping to produce something between Van Gogh's Starry Night and breath of the gusts of wind blowing the animals.  

Oh well.  Here's where I am at the moment.  Plan now is to enjoy the process and release myself from the pursuit of making this look like anything other than just a fun whimsical pattern.  No artsy fartsy take on a cute design but just enjoying the pattern I fell in love with.  So there... I'm released!!
This isolation thing hasn't really upset me since I live alone and have lived alone for years.  So just hearing the words or having someone tell me that I must stay apart from others isn't going to pull me off the edge.  Yet I think that has had that effect on some people/friends.  

During this time and happy that Comcast has offered "FREE" TV and movies until April 8th.  So I'm binge watching Doc Martin.  I used to watch it when it was free on MPT but then it was sold to Acorn.  Since my Comcast bill is large enough I refuse to pay more for things I used to get as part of my subscription.  Therefore I'm binging for as long as possible to catch up.

Happy Sunday evening.


  1. I love that pattern that house is so sweet. It is sleeting here as I write this I hear it hitting the window. Spring can not come fast enough now.

  2. love the pattern, we had high wind and hail this weekend, the dog's ears were flapping when it was time to go out. I too love Doc Martin, stay healthy.

  3. Love the colors you are using for the sky ...will be pretty ... I miss just being able to go to antique shops and poke around ….am really afraid the Brimfield Flea market will be cancelled & that is always fun to go there with my friends.

  4. Doc Martin rocks! I like how your rug is hooking up.

  5. Love doc martin! So good!
    Love ur mat!
    We are ok,,, used to being quiet, too,,,
    Out for food and thats pretty well it,,,
    Stay well,,,

  6. Well, hey there quiet "soul sista".... I think your sky and wind is showing great potential...but I will always just be smiling at the kitties blowing in the wind LOL. You and Lauren are mowing lawn already...yikes! We have a long ways to go before that happens here. What's causing the heat outages?? I have never heard of Doc Martin.... I usually avoid series because I guess I don't like being tied to keeping up....or watching past episodes to catch up. I have prime video but can't use it here because my husband wasn't very "smart" when he bought our isn't a smart tv so doesn't work with it. And even if I could tolerate watching a movie on my ipad or pc (which would be like never), our internet service would never support it. We live in some kind of bizarre vortex that drains cell phone batteries and seriously compromises our internet and cell reception. Yup....just one more reason I call it Nod. Happy Monday my friend.... Robin

  7. No lawn mowing here. The grass is still brown. Even the Spring flowers are still sleeping...but it was so windy yesterday that even our real kitties may have been blowing in the wind much like your rug! Janice

  8. I will be happy when it warms up a bit in a couple of days so I can get back in the yard. I have never done spring clean up this early and I am getting antsy to have the initial clean up done.
    I think my house was leaning like that with the wind we had the other day. It was really kind of scary.

  9. it done yet? Huh? Heehee, don't shoot:-)
    I tried to leave a comment when you posted it, but internet was being psyco.


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