Tuesday, March 17, 2020

In Case You're Wondering.....

...I'm not sick, I'm okay.  Just didn't have anything new to blog about and wanted to get Posies and Stars finished to show you.  It was just taken off the frame so hasn't been steamed yet.  As mentioned previously, this antique adaptation was drawn out measuring 21½  x 21½.  
Now comes the clean up of mess on the sofa, floor and sofa arm rest before I can even begin to think about wool for my next project.  Also a good vacuuming of the wool dust is a must.  The other rug (Lancaster Barnyard) still isn't completely bound so will work on that a bit tonight since there are now two rugs to bind.

As was expected, next month's April rug camp has been cancelled due to the Covid 19 scare so my deposit will be rolled over to the April 2021 camp.

On a previous blog post I wrote about growing my own sprouts.  I used them all up for salads so started another jar ~ this is day two.  The jar is laying on its side and you can see the little tails developing.  
So in about another 4 days I should have a jar which will look like this.
If you would like to do grow your sprouts click on the link HERE.  Matter of fact I have ordered the same jars and tilted framing you see on the web site instead of the makeshift jar and screen I made.

FYI, since I'm the only one who eats the sprouts I only put 1 tablespoon of broccoli seeds in this regular canning jar and it gave me enough sprouts for 3 salads.  If I ate sandwiches I'd have made more since sprouts are fantastic on them too.  I believe those canning jars are bigger so just might grow more next time.

Hope all are well and keeping themselves sane with their favorite activity; mine is rug hooking.



  1. LOVE that rug!!!
    Crazy times. Scares the hell out of me but hopefully this will pass without the economy being totally destroyed. Right now I am not too optimistic. My son's update on Las Vegas is terrifying. I just pray that we can survive.

  2. We have had to close one store down as no one is visiting. The new one is still open. This virus is hurting us big time. So love your latest rug. Great job! Janice

  3. Saundra,,, hope ur well,, and safe,,,
    Your mat looks amazing!
    So antique you! ,
    LOVE IT,
    Sorry about ur week away cancelled!
    Everything is cancelled!
    But spring is coming,,, slowly our snow is melting,,,
    And we are pretty isolated here in the country in southern ontario,,
    Walking,,, cooking,,, (mostly my husband cooks),,, hooking,,, knitting,,, yoga,,, some cleaning,,,
    Take care,,,
    And whats next now?

  4. Prayers for a quick end to our trials. Stay healthy.

  5. Your rug is so pretty ! Everything is being cancelled even summer vacations will probably be put on hold …..every day gets more gloomy . Thank goodness the weather is getting nicer & we can play in our yards . Then come in & play with our wool !!!!Think we will all create so many beautiful things during all this though !

  6. Your rug turned out so beautifully! Bet it makes you happy just to look at it. (it just looks happy to me) Glad you are well. Bummer your camp was cancelled. Hopefully things will right themselves soon and we can continue with our regular program :-)

  7. I love your rug!! That rug is on my bucket list!! I taught a workshop last week and was glad it was then and not this week or I am sure it would have been cancelled!

  8. That rug turned out fantastic Saundra!! I don't think I would ever be brave enough to show my hooking unsteamed LOL. Ok, now you have m totally intrigued with the sprouts thing.... Going to have to read up on this...seriously. Smiles & (virtual) Hugs ~ Robin


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