Friday, March 20, 2020

Pattern on my Frame and Day 5

This pattern called to me at first sight and despite there were a few narrow cut motifs decided to buy it anyway.  That pattern would be Windy Day from W. Cushing.  Don't have a lot of progress but did decide to tackle the one cat using the narrow strips from the bag.  
On second thought wonder if using #7 or #8 could have done the job faster and if it would look more tidy since there are a lot of wool threads sticking up.  Have often heard narrow cut hookers say..."narrow cuts are so more forgiving than wide cut".  But to me the narrow cuts are unruly and hard to control.  Anyway, I will endure because once I get those 4 small motifs hooked it is fun time.

Now to DAY 5 of my broccoli sprouts.  Look how filled that jar is now.  And that was just with one tablespoon of broccoli seeds in a REGULAR canning jar, not the wide mouth jar spoken about on most web sites.

Since soup and salad is my dinner tonight I'll put some of that broccoli sprout delicacy on top of the salad, add cherry tomatoes and dressing of choice.
IF you are interested in growing your own broccoli, alfalfa or mung sprouts also, click HERE.

Hope everyone is healthy and staying happy in your own personal cocoon.  

Today I took the time to organize my WEB SITE.  After starting the web site weebly then upgraded and pages looked different.  Now they are all alike and on one page.  If you want to see the entire rug pattern you tap on the photo and it will enlarge.  Don't think all the patterns I offer are listed on it and will eventually get to that.  But at least it is easier to navigate there.

Happy Friday.



  1. A very whimsical start to your rug! Janice

  2. I love your start. what a yummy salad!

  3. Can't wait to see more of this pattern !!! Just looked at your website , you have so many beautiful antique designs !!!!
    Your sprouts look yummy !!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the entire pattern.

  5. Looks like a sweet pattern,,,
    And ur salad, too,,,
    Nice to start a new design at this time, being inside more!
    Take care and healthy,,,,

  6. Well color me embarrassed (stupid??). I never realized you had a website... Just checked it out, and saw some fun things I would like to take on...some day LOL. I really am lazy though...whenever I buy paper or pdf patterns, it seems I never manage to do it. I like it all drawn and pretty on the linen and ready to go LOL. Love your little "flying" kitty ha ha. Me thinks this is going to be a fun pattern. Something we all could use a little more of these days. Yummy salad! I'm striking out in the lettuce department in these parts. Yikes.... Sunday Smiles ~ Robin


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