Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Old Rugs to Show

This is my 'go to' blog post filler.  Besides it has been said that some of you quite enjoy the antique rug show.  And I enjoy viewing them again as well.  

First is Flowers with tongue border and was hooked late 19 century,  measures 19 x 37.  The red has kept its color quite well and quite a beauty.
This Delicate Floral with Scrolls has a lot of edge damage.  Sadly I don't know the dimensions or date it was hooked. 
Black Rooster in circle measures 18 x 31 using various re-purposed fabric on burlap.
The back of the rug shows the colors of the dress or other type clothing used in the bottom of the area around the circle.  For those newbie hookers, burlap does NOT hold up well so choose your foundation fabric wisely.  I prefer linen.
Ducks and Cattails L'Anse Au Persil, Quebec.  No date or dimensions were provided.
One day I'll get around to hooking a Hutchinson rug.  This Hutchinson rug with Mermaids was hooked between 1925-45.
Floral with scrolls was hooked 1920 and no dimensions were provided.
I love this primitive and whimsical Lion, hooked early 20th century and measures 26 x 40.
The only information I have on the following rug was "Farm" ~ no date, no dimensions but it is a nice primitive design.
For you geometric lovers here is Hit and miss geo center with neutral scallop border.  I have the owners name but no dimensions or location.
Last but not least, is this very humble Wool Dog Applique Table Mat.  Dated late 19th century measuring 40 x 60.  There is something special about this that makes my heart skip a beat.  Was the person honoring their beloved pet with patchwork and using what they had?  
Hope you all are staying safe and healthy.  Thank goodness all I have to do is heat up some homemade soup for tonight ~ love it when I've made a pot of soup and have leftovers.



  1. thanks for yet again another great rug show.
    lots to love in this one.
    soups sounds so good.

  2. Love seeing the variations from elegant to primitive. The mermaid one looks like a lot of work!

  3. My favorites are the first two flowered ones. I so love the reds. Janice

  4. Ooooo...I love me a good homemade soup!! We are to have rain off and on the next several days, so if I can find the fixings, I might have to make one up. Another round of fun rugs...I do love that lion one so...but I almost squealed when I saw the mermaid one! I have been on a nautical/mermaid/whale/ship thing ever since we got the lake house. I want to "personalize" it, but don't want to do the outworn "northwoods" thing with deer, bear, etc. I am actually stitching a mermaid now LOL. How I would love to own a treasure like that rug though!! ~Robin~

  5. I always enjoy choosing afavorite. This time it is number two. Thx for sharing.

  6. A little late to the show,,,,
    Great mats,
    Love the mermaid one , too,,, and hit and miss!
    Take care ,,,


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