Sunday, March 8, 2020

Posies and Stars Plus Sprouts

Still working on the border but don't think the piece will be done before my new project arrives in the mail next week.  But will resist the temptation to put this aside and start the new one until his one is all hooked.
As mentioned previously, this is an antique adaptation which I drew myself.  Love having a border like this as it is great for using worms.

On the last post I spoke of sprouts and did put some on my salad ~ salad was even more delicious with the sprouts than without. I've more left and will put them on my salad tomorrow as well.
Some have inquired how to do the sprouts.  Here is a link to SPROUT 101 and VIDEO .  I didn't use a wide mouth jar which my hand would fit into and since I'm the only one enjoying the sprouts I used 2 teaspoons of sprouts instead of the 1 Tablespoon or whatever is suggested.  No sense in waste. 

Happy Sunday and the spring ahead.  Guess we will all sleep well tonight.



  1. Loving that mat,,,
    And ur salad looks yummy,,,

  2. Posies and Stars looks great. I know that you'll finish it before you start the new one. You are so disciplined. Thanks for the sprouts info. Your salad looks yummy.

  3. That border is gorgeous. You probably knew I'd like it anyways. What is it about hit and miss and variations of it? I just love it.

  4. I really love that border. So interesting! Janice


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