Monday, March 2, 2020

Getting Ready

With April rug camp right around the corner it's about time I started getting ready.  I've cut and serged the edges of the linen foundation and hope to draw the pattern today.  I've a follow-up doctor appointment this morning and who knows how long I'll have to wait until he sees me.  But, I'll be taking Lancaster Barnyard with me and continue binding it.
There is also a pot with wool soaking to over-dye. 
I will attempt to dye a sepia color.  A rug hooking friend ('Ms P') shared a recipe and I just happened to have all the Pro-Chem colors.
And another friend ('Ms L') said Donna Hrkman only used one brown Pro-Chem dye to hook her "Paul Laurence Dunbar" piece.  Not sure which brown she used but in looking at the wool samples in the binder the two which look most like the color are #501 Mocha Chino, on the left and #502 Choc. Brown on the right.
This is a photo of Donna Hrkman's Paul Laurence Dunbar.
I re-read the article in an old issue of Rug Hooking magazine hoping to find out which shade she used but didn't see a Pro Chem name or number.  But she did describe how she got the values.
Back in the day when I worked in the office there was a phrase used and heard often.  It was the K I S S theory......"Keep it Simple Stupid".  So I will choose a number, use just one dye and keep the process simple.

Happy hooking.



  1. I'm sure your dying will come out great ! Guess you will need a lot of different values ….look forward to seeing this !

  2. I am sure this is a learning curve but so exciting to see.

  3. Never heard of the kiss theory, but makes sense. I know whatever you choose will be the right one. Janice

  4. Love the KISS theory. I will have to remember that :)

  5. Well, I am clueless.... I don't dye....I know everyone who talks of it, says they love it, but I don't need another compulsion...or mess...LOL. And, gee, the little I seem to hook, it would be a fruitless exercise. I can't wait to follow along on your journey though. KISS...ha ha....I've hear it expressed as "Keep It Simply Simple", but like your version better. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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