Saturday, April 11, 2020


I've a wee bit accomplished on the Cats Paw rug and had to force myself to stop and show you.  I've also included the background light textures I'm using.

And what a difference setting makes on the same camera.  Gives the wool a whole different color.  So pick the one you like best,, lol.

Have decided I'll add another row of border and will use the same random dark textures as I hook around.

Must go cut grass now as it will rain tomorrow with a front coming thru.  When I come in it will be time to make some Minestrone soup and then will work on Windy Day.

If anyone decides to join me in this cats paw journey I'd love for you to share a picture with me.  And when we are done I'll do a post of our finished pieces.

Tata for now and stay safe.



  1. You are such a fast hooker! great colors I will not be joining you in this although I should I just have to many things going right now and I can't seem to finish any of it.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    You have really made some nice progress and love how it is coming along!! I hope others will join in and share, too!! Soup sure does sound good and I think we are having some tonight as well!!! A bit cooler here in AZ today and we might even get some rain!! Don't work too hard and hope you have a wonderful Easter!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  3. I, too, just finished mowing...but it only takes me 35 minutes.
    You are off to a great start! There is barely a difference in color on my monitor.
    Happy Easter :)

  4. Looking great...nice colors. I've wanted to start one of these "cat's paws" but have way too many UFO's to start on something else. Anxiously waiting to see the progress.

  5. Love the colors! Looking good. Hope you have a Hoppy Happy Easter! Janice

  6. Wish I had (unorganized) worms...and linen...Ready for a wee bit of a break from stitching me thinks. Rain and green grass... how I wish. They upped the totals for tomorrow's we can get up to 14". Waaaah! Happy Easter to you Saundra.... Robin

  7. Love yours!!!I have started one , saundra,!
    Havent decided on background yet,,,, have done a few circles,,, in blobs!
    Mine looks more like flowers, so far,,,, as am using cut wools and yarns,,, no cutting,,,,
    Have never done one ,,, so decided to join you,,,, have alot on the go,,,, but have time!!!
    Happy easter,,,

    Ps,, will do more today and email you a pic tomorrow,,,

  8. I do like your start with all of the nice browns. Happy Easter!


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