Saturday, April 25, 2020

Let the Show Begin....

It's about time for another antique rug show, don't ya think?  Someone requested a pattern for this Bowl of Flowers with primitive scrolls.  Don't know the original size of the antique but she wanted it 24-ish so enlarged it ended up being 24.5 x 28.
I have previously posted this photo where it was referenced as "Boy in Silk Hat".  I thought it looked more like a train conductor myself and wondered what the bottom part looked like and if it had tongues too.
Recently while perusing old issues of Early American Life magazine saw this photo of the entire piece.  I thought there had to be tongues at the bottom and this confirms it.
Sweet Birds and Flowers below, again no dimensions or other info.
Another floral and perhaps the designer/hooker couldn't decide between scallops or triangles so she incorporated both in the border.  Again, no dimensions or other info.
This Cat's Paw rug was hooked about 1920 and was located in Pennsylvania.  It measures 27 x 41.  Perhaps this will inspire you to join me on hooking a CAT'S PAW rug.
As you can see Blue Bunnies was hooked 1913
This Giant Flower fills up most of the 28 x 45 sized rug.  Hooked 1920.
An obviously happy Dog circa 1890-1910, with geometric border.  Dimensions are 24.5 x 39.
A typical primitive folk art landscape where the bird is larger than the chimney or doors on the house.  Hooked late 19th century or early 20th, it measures 24 x 45.
 Here is a view of the back so you can see how badly the color had faded.
Horse with braided border 25.5 x 40 early 20th century Provenance Steven Score, Boston, MA.
Holly Hocks hooked by Mrs. Goetz late 19th century Canadian rug found near Mennonite site in Clifford Ontario measures 29 x 46
Well, that's it for today's show folks.  Since the sun is shinning and it isn't raining today I should go out to do some yard work.  But just ate lunch and my fully belly is pulling on my eyelids.  I won't take a nap because I wouldn't sleep tongiht but think I'll sit and hook instead.



  1. the man in the silk hat is wonderful. I always love seeing the old rugs.
    Sat was warm and sunny we spent the day outside I worked in a long forgotten garden trying to get it back to what it should be my bones ached last night from the hours bent over. We are in for rain later today so I am going to get out for a walk before it comes in.

  2. These mats are amazi g,,,
    Love the cats paws!!!
    Wow,,, better get back at mine,,,
    Thanks saundra,,,,

  3. Bet the boy in the silk hat was a drummer in the Civil War.

  4. Thanks for the show. I'm still going to try to join you on the cat's paw, but when??? I suppose you are almost done by now :)

  5. Really enjoyed the "show" as usual, Saundra. Oh that boy/man rug is wonderful! So unusual...and unusual always appeals to me LOL. But I also really love the horse (some one certainly had wonderful artist's touch)....and the hollyhock one. I bet it is fun sometimes for you to read who favors what, no? Hope you had a wonderful Sunday....I am at the lake and it has been beautiful. The ice has gone...the loons and eagles are back. ~Robin~

  6. I really like every one of those this week! Also, if I've seemed quiet lately, I'm as noisy as ever, but when I comment using my phone, the comments are not going through:-( Not sure how to remedy it, but know I'm out here oooing and awwwing over all your gorgeous projects:-)

  7. Hi Saundra,
    Seems I got behind again and am just now checking my favorite blogs!! Always love your rug shows and I really loved them all this time!! The boy rug is so special with those tongues, too! Love that added touch!! We all seem to have our favorites, don't we? So many great rugs out there!!! Hope you are enjoying your Cat's Paw!! Looks like a fun rug to hook!!!
    Take care and enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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