Monday, April 13, 2020

Finally Bound and Labels

Finally bound the last two rugs....Posies and Stars plus Lancaster Barnyard.  The stems of the posies are really a light mint green and the left star is a light blue so not as washed out as the photo indicates .  This rug has a wool whipped edge.
Lancaster Barnyard was bound using the traditional cotton binding tape.
Since I don't make my labels until there is a full sheet of 6 labels here are the labels recently made out of fabric print sheets.  

OOPS.... as I'm looking now notice my arrangement of description may be a little deceptive.  My apologies to Primitive Heartstrings as your name should have been first as the designer and mine second since I'm the one who hooked it and is located in Seaford, DE.

Second apology goes to Lori Brechlin as her name should appear before mine as the designer and me as the one who hooked the rug.  I'll have to be more diligent when typing up and printing labels in the future.
Two of the rugs were hooked in 2019 but at least now all finished rugs are labeled .

Even if I weren't self-distancing I wouldn't venture out of the house today as there are high winds of 60 mph, heavy rain, flooding, trees down across some roads with live wires down and potential for tornadoes in the afternoon.

Stay safe folks.



  1. Your rugs look great !!!! So nice to have them all bound !!!!
    We are getting pouring rain & high winds today too ….a prefect day to stay inside & hook ...Stay safe too Saundra !!!

  2. Of the 6 rugs shown, my favorite is Posies and Stars. I do love Mighty Whale, too.
    We have high winds here in northern Ohio, but not the heavy rain.
    I hope there is not too much damage in your area.

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Looks like you were able to get a LOT DONE!!! Love your labels, too!! I really love all of your rugs, but have to say that I am truly honored about one in particular!!
    Sounds like a good plan to stay inside!! Take care and enjoy some hooking time!!
    Stay safe and well and hope you don't get any downed trees or flooding!!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Love the posies one. Great work as always! Janice

  5. Nice to have a finish!
    Your rugs and labels are awesome,
    Hope the winds, etc,,, didnt do too much damage!
    Take care,,,

  6. all these rugs Saundra!! I see I have missed a few due to my long hiatuses from blogging. I love "Mighty Whale" and have even thought about doing that one....I also love Julie's Heart Butter Mold design...I purchased the pattern intending to punch it, and have never gotten that far. I really love the hooked version you did! Hope the weather has settled down by you. We got about 12" of snow on Sunday and snow squalls Monday and Tuesday....record cold all week... But then they say a gradual warm-up. I hope so! Stay well ~ Robin


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