Tuesday, April 21, 2020


This could be a long post as I've a few this's and that's to mention.  So depending on the time of day or evening fill up your cup-o-tea, coffee or glass of wine before you continue....

Okay, this is what I've accomplished so far on Cat's Paw rug I drew and welcomed others to join me.  I spoke about it and my inspiration HERE on a previous post so check it out and feel free to participate at any time. 
If this would help, here is the line drawing which you can print out and enlarge to the size you want.  Happy hooking.
Also I did make a couple minor changes to Windy Day...this is now.  I hooked in a thin piece of brown in parts around the orange tabby cat to make it stand out more.
In a previous post I showed a wonderful salad with broccoli sprouts but yesterday had a salad with alfalfa sprouts I grew.  Honestly cannot say which tastes best but checked and learned broccoli sprouts DO have more vitamins, minerals and health benefits than alfalfa sprouts.  So when I've used all the alfalfa seeds will only purchase broccoli seeds.  This is last night's dinner and it was yummy.  You can see the remainder of sprouts in the jar.
This morning after breakfast I went out to pick up pine cones and limbs from the yard to cut grass.  After lunch I cut grass for an hour but still have another 25 minutes of cutting in Ben's back yard with a push mower yet to be done.  Didn't do that because we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.

From my seat on the sofa this is the sweet view of a bird house with mama and papa Black Cap Chickadees doing dual duty on the birthing/nesting.
As it was really windy day and severe storm warnings I went to secure the nest with another para cord. I stood on the front porch for several minutes to catch a pic of either of the birds coming or going but they wanted no part of that invasion.  As soon as I came in and sat down one of the birds left and the other flew in like a flash.

Nothing else got accomplished today but I've work waiting for me tomorrow ... have a line drawing for an antique adaptation order and still need to finish my new rug design.  Tomorrow before getting to those chores a trip to the  grocery store is required as I need a few things.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.



  1. Wonderful cats paw rug a great way to use up pieces. No enough grass to mow here yet.
    Stay healthy

  2. You mat lookng grea!
    I musstp up the pace on mine,,
    Snow here again!
    Not impressed, ,,

  3. The Cat Paw rug looks great ...have to remember this for a future matt ! Windy Day looks great , love the sky !
    Think we may all be eating a lot more salads with the meat, pork, & poultry shortages....just wish gardens were in full swing here , but it's cold , windy & we have bursts of snow today !!! I need warm & sunny days !!!

  4. Adding a bit of brown does make that lil tabby stand out more. Coming along fine on your latest rug! Janice

  5. I'm liking your Cats' Paws more and more....it's going to be another fun one. And what a great view you have!! No lawn mowing going on here in Nod yet LOL. Hope you (and your yard) survived whatever severe weather was headed your way.... ~Robin~


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