Thursday, April 23, 2020


As this April's rug camp was cancelled due to the pandemic I've been fantasizing about going to rug camp again, wonderful teachers I've had and things I've learned over the years.  

My first rug camp was 2003 and don't have one photo from that camp, other than the finished project from that class.  My very patient teacher was Mary Lou Bleakley who color planned my rug.
Having taught myself how to hook I was ready to properly  learn how to hook.  Plans were to attend only one rug camp because they are rather costly, particularly if you stay at the hotel vs. commuting.  Even tho that camp was just an hour away I wanted to stay and enjoy all the fun.  Why spend two hours a day travelling back and forth, go home to cook rather than stay to enjoy the whole shebang. 

That camp was so much fun it didn't end there with just one camp ~ it grew to 3 rug camps per year.  My long-time followers have either heard me say that or read it on my blog before.  

I'll never forget the first year attending Barb Carroll's rug camp at her home in Ligonier, PA.  
I was in awe of the Queen of Rug Hooking and the privilege of being given a tour of her home.  Was so star struck that I even took a photo of those talented hands and the rug she'd planned to hook next.
A photo of me with Barb at her color planning table.
Maybe one day in the future I'll enjoy another camp with Queen Barb.  It will be different as we won't be staying on her property but will have to find accommodations elsewhere.  But am sure it will be the same Barb and the same high level of color planning.  Even teachers have a lot of respect for Barb ~ one of my teachers, when she is wondering what to do next with my rug will say, "WWBD".  Translated that means "what would Barb Do?"  

At one class Barb was excited to share the hit and miss rug she'd recently hooked.  Am sure Barb used her good useable wool from her big basket of delicious worms.  But I've been saving selvages so one day I can do a bold hit and miss too.  For several years I threw the selvages away but decided to save and use them in a future rug.  After all, they are wool too and sometimes have extra colored threads which provide more color.  Oh, I have that same Shelburne Poster in my wool room, it displays rugs hooked by Molly Nye Tobey.  
Since the photo above is not so clear below is a better shot of Barb's Hit and Miss Rug.
Hope you have enjoyed reminiscing with me.



  1. What a joy its been reminiscing with you. How fortunate for you to enjoy such a beautiful location and teacher. I agree that going to a rug camp or rug school can be so pricey.I tend to join more Hook-Ins as the price is less. I so enjoyed this post Thank You so much for this...enjoy your day.

  2. Wow ….what a fun rug , but what do you mean by saving selvages ? Is that the extra foundation you have left over ? Can you sew those together & hook that ??? I have wondered if you could …..
    You were lucky to have gone to that gorgeous house of Queen Barb ….so beautiful !!! Had to be amazing !!!

  3. Hi Saundra,
    It is always a joy to read your posts as I feel like you are so generous with what you have learned!! We are all on a journey and it is nice to know how we got there! You have been able to be under some wonderful teaching and though I have never met Barb, I admire her work and love her patterns and have one of her books! Love your rugs and the Hit n Miss is a beauty!!
    Take care and stay well and Happy Hooking!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  4. Wonderful hit and miss rug of Barb's. I've been saving selvages for years. I was going to use them for a proddy rug, but now need to rethink that. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have been hooking for many years now (some years much more sporadically than others as you know), but have never been to a camp...and the only "hook-in's" I've been to is helping my neighbor vend. Not sure I can even say "some day" because I am not fond of lengthy travel alone anymore. Well, what a creative use for the selvages.... I always snip them up...then use them to stuff pinkeeps and such. ~Robin~

  6. Always loved barb carroll mats!!
    Such great pics!!!
    And great memories,,,,,

  7. How fun to go to rug camps! Maybe some day I can go to one. Janice


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