Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Just Say'n......

There are many long-time readers/followers but sometimes I forget about the newbies who haven't read some of my posts.  Yesterday I had an email inquiring how I made my labels from my last blog post.  Thankfully she typed the question in  "contact me" format, because were she a No-Reply blogger I'd  not be able to personally reply.  So 'berice..." thanks for contacting me and never hesitate to do so again.  Same goes for other folks  but please use the EMAIL ME spot provided.  To see how to make those labels click HERE.

But did you know that at the top left of my blog there is a search engine where you can inquire about anything.  Just use brief words like....dyeing wool, making labels, hooking frames, types of binding, different cutters, etc.    JUST SAY'N.

Back in March I showed you my first attempt at growing my own sprouts, which was a result of reading about Cathy's progress on Acorn Hollow.    I purchased Broccoli sprouts and some Alfalfa Sprouts from my local health food store rather than order on line.  Here was my first attempt.
I since purchased jars with stainless steel lids and screens and had two batches going..... the second batch started 4 days later than the first so when one batch was consumed the other would be ready.  FYI the tilted frame came with the lids from either Amazon or ebay (can't remember) but the wide mouth jars were purchased from my local Walmart.
Oh, since the slant provides drainage, these jars are normally sitting in a low container for the drip.  I now have a continuous grocery store of delicious and healthy sprouts.  Put some on my salad for tonight and will use some on a turkey breast, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwich tomorrow.  Sandwiches are a rarity for me since I try to avoid that kind of carb.  My favorite way to consume carbs is PASTA!!!!!      JUST SAY'N.

A few weeks ago I made myself a mask to wear when going to the grocery store ~ in the event they had anything left I needed.  Right after that I made a mask for my son, DIL and grandson but forgot to take a photo of those.  Two were Americana in theme and one feminine for my Princess DIL.  

This might be a part of my wardrobe even after the pandemic and wondering if become an ordinary sight in America.  Maybe not forever, but sometime after to ensure my health.    JUST SAY'N.
There was something else I'd planned to mention but this blog is so long you're probably already bored.  OH!!!!!  Now I remember....

Yesterday was to be my hair cut appointment but due to them being NON-essential they were closed. Just might need to get out my scissors and butcher my own hair if they don't open soon.  

But thank goodness liquor stores are considered "Essential", otherwise I'd be putting a message in a bottle asking to "Send Wine".      JUST SAY'N.
The wine stopper was a gift to me from Skip and Deb Nees ~ thank you guys, I use it often and have fond memories.

Hope everyone has a great evening, stay safe, stay entertained with your favorite pastime or hobby.



  1. I love your wine cute. I'm a great fan of growing my own sprouts also so good on tuna salad sandwiches. That's my girl over at Acorn Hollow...enjoy your sprouts.

  2. Wine stopper is great! Cathy is a wise person. Janice

  3. Every time you bring up the sprouts thing, I remember I was going to look into that keep bringing it up until I actually do. I wish I had done the labels thing on my blog...even if no one else used it, it would have helped me find things I know I posted about but can't remember LOL. I guess it's never too late to start, but then, again, I am slow to embrace change. Yes...others may be hoarding toilet paper, but I'm more worried bout running out of Chardonnay. Happy Hump Day ~ Robin~

  4. I am still doing sprouts too but only have one jar going I also have a jar of sour dough starter going for some sour dough bread later on. I have been having a glass of baileys in the evening but we ran out so a good reason to not to have it I guess. We do have liquor stores open I just haven't braved them yet. We have plenty of wine.

  5. I wear my mask when I have to go out now , but since I wear glasses glasses fog up !!! Then I get the urge to scratch an itch ….good thing , I hardly go to the store these days !!!
    Thank Goodness Liquor stores are Essential !!!!

  6. I agree with everything NMK has to say!


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