Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Vintage Hooked Rugs

To stave off boredom (if you aren't rug hooking or stitching) here are a few vintage rugs for your viewing pleasure.  Mama and kittens measures 28.5 x 55.5 hooked between 1900-1939.
For the dog people is Begging Dog hooked in the 1900s with dimensions of 20 x 32.
Flower Basket surrounded by flowers, hooked late 19th century from the Myers Collection Durham, NC.
Oval in a square with penny circles and primitive scrolls measuring 23 x 41.
Two Brown Rabbits with black tails from PA measuring 14 x 15.  Would be an easy quick project.  I need a second project to work on so maybe I'll draw this one up next.  
An attractive Geo 9 patch design hooked around 1930, located in PA  and measures 30 x 46.  A way to use up worms and would go well with your antique quilts.
This Palomino Horse with red scrolls measures 33 x 59.  The auction house said it is the collection of Glenn Close, Bedford, NY.  Hmmm, wonder if that is the actress Glenn Close or someone else with the same name?  Just found it interesting. 
Hope you are keeping yourself entertained, I surely am.  While I could be cleaning out cupboards, organizing things am not putting any undue pressure on myself since I wouldn't be doing that even without self-quarantine time.  

As we are all feeling frazzled by this inconvenience and fear we would do our blood pressure and emotional well-being  a great service by doing something fun rather than putting undue weight on the negative scale.  JMHO.



  1. LOVE that Geo 9 patch!!!
    I haven't gotten the urge to clean or purge, either. When you live alone if it bothers you enough you will do something about it. Obviously it's not bothering us...lol!

  2. I really like the Flower Basket …..think I need to do something like that next .
    Cleaning ….I thought I would , but NAAAA , boring & when is anyone coming over to see a nice clean house ???? LOL

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Feel like I have been AWOL for quite some time and am finally getting back to reading my favorite blogs!! January and February were such crazy busy months for me and I thought I would take a short break and then.....CHAOS happened!!! So very thankful to be healthy and safe and just staying busy creating!! I have even been hooking a rug!!!!! Will share that soon!! As always, I love your rug shows and am always inspired!! I think your idea for doing what is fun sounds like the best plan!!!
    Take care and stay safe and well, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  4. Oooo...some good ones in this showing Saundra! I really love the Geo 9 patch....but that oval in a rectangle is so symmetrical and the scrolls so unusual that I love that one too....and the BUNNIES!!! Love me some bunnies!! Yeah, I am with you on the cleaning and organization.... I really do need to clean out the space that is going to be my romper room so I can get the cupboards I got for it in there...but that just sounds like too much effort. Since so many others are playing too, I'd rather follow that crowd. ;-) ~Robin~

  5. I am just frazzled with work lately. So much going on and am working overtime now at home. Thank you for showing these amazing rugs. They are all beautiful in their own way. Janice

  6. I did do that last week and I have done a bit this week but we have been working on the outside areas like the lawn and gardens.
    the bunnies look possessed

  7. Love the oldies!
    The bunnies are my fav!
    Always lots to do,,, never bored yet,,, just feels abit eerie not going out and about whenever I feel like it,,,
    Snow here this am,, and more expected! Its easter,,, so that the usual!
    Happy easter,,,
    Stay well,,,


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