Saturday, April 4, 2020

Windy Days

Winds don't just happen in March, they happen in April too.  The last two days walking the mile (total) to pick up my mail was fine when the wind was at my back.  But walking with the wind coming forward I felt like the Mime who used to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Anyone remember him and the show?

As for the pattern, as usual I've reverse hooked a lot and have been drawing on the linen making changes to suit me.  I enlarged the black cat and made a mess of the wind drawing at the top left.  Now not sure which lines to follow but will wing it as usual.  

This is all that has been accomplished and already see changes I want to make in the wind swirl between the house and needs to have more of a curl.  I struggled with the bottom left wind forever until it satisfied me.
And need to choose a color for the dog flying thru the air above the tree.  It can't be grey since the wind is grey, already have a black cat and black roof, the dog above the house is brown.  Oh, now see where I went wrong.  The tree should be pulled out and that wool used for a red/brown dog.  Then I can use a darker brown wool for the tree to spread the values and color around.

See ~ this why I don't get a lot accomplished.  Am always changing things as I hook first then think.

I made my son, DIL and grandson face masks but recently saw how easy it is to make a face mask even if you don't sew.  It can be done with any fabric or kerchief and hair or rubber bands:  DIY FACEMASK 

Hope you are feeling well, staying entertained and safe.  For me, I'm happy at home anyway, and sure all Doc Martin seasons will be viewed in a day or so.  

Since we're stuck at home and a newbie rug hooker has a question, please ask.  I'm no expert on anything but experienced working with primitives (my favorite), antique adaptations, geometrics, narrow cut, wide cut, etc.  If I don't know the answer I'll ask my expert friend/teachers.



  1. You sound like a perfectionist like me. If I dont like a pattern I worked out with fabric...I rip, modify or even just start all over. I was going to suggest making the dog a white one with black spots, but I think you already solved your issue. Look forward to seeing what you do now. Janice

  2. Looking great to me,,,
    Love the sky color,,,
    Makes me smile,,,,

  3. You do more reverse hooking than anyone I I will do a little, but usually learn to like it...but...that's why your rugs are always so wonderful :)

  4. I get so frustrated when I do reverse hooking so I do not do much of it.
    what a fun rug that is.

  5. "Hook first think later" LOL... Sounds like a good style to me...and obviously works for you. You will have that done in no time. I like your contemplated changes for the dog and tree...although I think Janice's suggestion would work as well. I am still without a rug project. I might have to pick up that cat rug even if I can't find my notes.... Then again, I might just keep stitching LOL. ~Robin~

  6. Love, love your pattern!! It certainly captures the way those last two windy day and nights we had up here in Maine! Is this a design you will be offering for sale. It would be a great coffee table rug for this time of year! Be well, stay safe. ♡

  7. Sometimes it really helps to see a photo of your rug to see if it suits, doesn’t it. I am sure you’ll soon be done and on to the next one.


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