Friday, April 17, 2020


....are continuing into April.  I always thought it was "March winds" and "April Showers".  But appears to be "March and April Winds plus Showers".  Some folks have even seen April snows; it has been cold here but thankfully no snow.

Windy Day, a design by W. Cushing, is finally hooked but not yet steamed and bound.  Will look at it a day or two to see if there are any strips I'd like to replace before steaming.
For those of you wondering what my background wool is, this is it  but can't remember the name of the wool nor where it was purchased.
Now is a huge clean-up from my mess and transition back to the Cat's Paw project.  However ~~~ I've already got a plan for designing my next rug.  Loving how it is planned in my head but nothing is on paper yet.  But being a fickle hooker who knows just what will be my next project.

Happy hooking, stay well, and keep yourself entertained.  Thank goodness for rug hooking.



  1. Another finish. You are amazing and what a fun rug!
    Yes. Thank goodness for rug hooking, etc.
    Snowing here in northern and it is accumulating. But...tomorrow 53* and sunny. I love April snows because they don't stick around long.

  2. It turned out great!!! I love it:-) Something about that tree just makes me smile. It looks like when a dog is in the back of a rig and the wind in it's face, the smiling and drooling kind of happy.

  3. Snowed here for a few days...but will melt soon. Windy Days turned out amazing. Loveit! The animals make it a fun looking rug! Janice

  4. This rug turned out to be as fun and whimsical as I thought it would be.... Such a happy, cheerful, piece! You really are a speed hooker LOL. The more disillusioned I get with my current stitching project, the more tempting it is to pick up my hook....but, wool for the project I wish to start. Our stay-at-home order was extended yesterday by our governor through May 26th.... I do not that he had the authority, legally, to do it, so thinking (hoping?) there will be a challenge. Yes, it's been windy here too...all week as a matter of fact....I keep hoping that it will eventually blow in some spring! ~Robin~

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Your newest rug is so FUN!!! I can almost hear the wind blowing!!! We are actually windy here today and I have all the windows open!! Climbing into the dreaded 90's next week, so I will enjoy our 70's weather today!! Still staying close to home but did walk with Jeff about 3 miles today and it felt good!!
    You are one fast hooker and I so admire you and your talent!! I am still hooking away on my rug and think I will post some more tomorrow!! I am getting close to the last loop, slowly but surely!!!
    Yes, I am truly grateful for all the things I love to do and that I can do from the safety of my home!!!
    Enjoy your hooking time!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. That was a quick finish. Love the whimsy of this one.


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