Sunday, June 14, 2020

Antique Rugs with Scrolls

My next project is already planned and drawn but am getting antsy to hook another rug with scrolls.  I've only hooked one and would have only attempted that since it was in a Barb Carroll class.  For some reason I thought they were frightening to hook but Barb released me from the fear of working on scrolls.  

Here is a nice one of a lone Dove with scrolls.
This 19th century floral I recently showed on my blog and would be a good candidate.  Dimensions of the antique are 32 x 59.
Another floral with classic style scrolls.
The Acorns and Scrolls below is a beauty.   Measures 29 x 50, Provenance Mary Cardin Quinn
Deer with flowers and scrolls but don't think that will be in the running.
Oh my, this one has been on my 'to do' list for some time now.  Hooked early 20th century it measures 22 x 35.
This big leaf scroll border would be a little much for me to handle me thinks.
Birds and primitive scrolls also looks like a good candidate.
Another beautiful floral with a scroll border and I've already drawn the pattern for someone else so that would eliminate one of the steps.
A Blue Bunny with primitive scrolls said to be hooked 1900 and measures 30 x 54.
Floral and Scrolls is beautiful but think it would need to be enlarged to a size beyond my desire to hook.
Two Lions facing with undefined primitive scrolls.
Nice rolling scrolls and as an extra added bonus, a horse.  Hooked 19th century, measures 30 x 48.5 and being sold by Art Institute of Chicago.
And another previously shown antique with scrolls is Two Doves in a Tree.  And it was recently hooked by a friend who did a marvelous job on it.  
When it comes time for me to put a scroll pattern on linen I will refer to this blog post and review them again.  At least the ones that interest  me are all collected here in one spot.  Happy hooking everyone.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    So many wonderful choices and I know you will pick the one that speaks to you the most!!! I love so many of them, but especially love the one with the horse that is on your list, the acorns, and the last one, although there is another one you said you made a pattern for, so guess that one, too!!! I'm looking forward to what ends up on your frame!!! Have fun choosing!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  2. Liseanne at WC Cushings has a good YouTube on booking primitive scrolls too
    I’ve not done one but it’s up next in a gift for my son. There’s not a mat here that doesn’t make my heart sing!

  3. These are all very pretty ...will be fun to see which one speaks to you !!!

  4. I have never attempted scrolls I had a McGowan teacher and she scared the daylights out of me on the lesson on scrolls and the just right dip dye.

  5. I have been drawing a new rug I want to hook for my guest bedroom. Hopefully it will be drawn out soon and I can start hooking it. Did manage to pull a few loops this weekend on a Halloween project I drew. Always love seeing these antique rugs you show. Janice

  6. Hey...I actually hooked scrolls on my Gillford runner...not shaded (which I am sure is the intimidating factor), of course, but scrolls. And duh...I did them after coming back from a very long hiatus from hooking on a poorly drawn pattern....the symmetry issues drove me crazy LOL. Not that you asked, but my top 3 are (1) the acorns and scrolls (2) the birds and scrolls and (3) the last horse. I am sure you will choose always do. So many rugs to hook, so little time.... ;-) ~Robin~

  7. So many wonderful choices! I've never hooked scrolls...maybe some day.
    I recently saw that last rug on FB and fell in love. Was the friend you were referring to Tanya?

  8. I’ve hooked scrolls using a smaller cut, but not prim. So you know which rug I will choose to try it out.


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