Friday, June 26, 2020

Flashback Friday

I'm flashing back to 2015 at Rugs By the Sea in Cape May where Deb and I were in yet another Kris Miller class.  Hey, always a great time with Kris.
 Above is a Mermaid rug entitled Catch a Falling Star.  If you want to see who a rug was designed or hooked by just double-click the photo and it should enlarge.
Looks like a litter of kittens having a great time playing in the flower garden.
Ya know how we all take pride in our first hooked rug?  Well take a look at the first rug hooked by 85 year old Dorothy Marcus.  You read that right ~ 85 years old and it appears she was a student of Michelle Micarelli.  
Animals and Ferns above.
Autumn Leaves and Fiore'.
Black Bird Sampler and Tumbling Down.
Helter Skelter was a collaborative effort of hooking by Cheri Reid and another artist but can't see the name.  I know you want to ask but I don't know for certain...  am guessing Cheri hooked a piece and it was glued to a piece of canvas which was then painted by the artist.
 Twin Elephants hooked by Ellen Savage.
A Seahorse, Lighthouse and think the other is a rug by Kris.
 Another Cheri Reid hooked piece above.
Very attractive floral pillow.
 A grouping above.
Henpecked by Fern Strong.
The rug above was designed and hooked by Linda Woodbury named Manatee and Me.  She had an interesting story of her trip to tell me about it also.
Noah's Ark was hooked by Norma Batastini for her grandson.  The ark is a pouch where the animals could be stored and Norma could hook other animals to add to the fun.
 Old Tennent hooked by Susan Foley
Old Tom is a design by Lori Brechlin and hooked by Kris Miller.  I've had this pattern for a few years and still haven't hooked it....YET.  This past November in another Kris Miller class she was showing the class a piece of wool she used on the turkey.  

Kris said she didn't think she would ever sell a piece of the yardage of that plaid.   That is until she showed where the plaid was hooked into the turkey.  Kris had only a couple fat quarters left and as she was talking I grabbed it out of her hands and added it to my purchases.  True story, yanked it right out of her hands.

Goodness, I've more rug show left and other stories but think I'll hold it until tomorrow.  So check back for more rug hooking fun.



  1. I like the first one and i am not a mermaid rug person. 80 that is amazing and so wonderful

  2. So many wonderful rugs and no way could I choose a favorite. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  3. I think I’ve fixed it so I can comment 😁. Those are all amazing. And hey, you snooze you lose right?😉. Have a great evening.

  4. We live in a hot climate, where rug is unusual for everyday use. But on festive seasons, rug is almost a must, so it is a rememberance for something special to me. Beautiful old pattern rugs you show here.

  5. Wow....incredible variety here my varied as the designers and hookers I'm sure. Call me a crazy cat lady, but I like the Cat's is, well, the cat's meow! ;-) Hope your weekend is off ot a good start...(Friday does start a weekend, right??) ~Robin~

  6. Hi Saundra,
    So many different rugs and colors and hookers and styles make rug hooking such a unique and fun hand craft!! I really love Old Tom and look forward to seeing your version hooked, especially with the wool you grabbed.....literally!!!
    Take care and enjoy your weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  7. Not "me", but I love that manatee rug!


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