Friday, June 19, 2020

Cape May 2012 Cont'd

None of the photos below can be cropped as this flash drive has errors and if I attempt it the photo will be lost.  First up is one titled "Poodle Parade".  Part of the tag indicates it is an adaptation and was hooked by Kimberly.  
Crow and Sunflowers hooked by Polly Reinhart.
 Two crows Meryl and Bill.
Primitive Grace hooked by departed friend Janet Reid.  Lovely colors as usual.
Sweet Beagle and was hooked by Rebecca Landin.
Bev Conway designed this Chalfonte rug and think there are a couple different designs.  Would Love to hook one but don't like narrow cuts.  This one was hooked by JoAnne Hendrix.
C is for China was hooked and designed by Kimberly Maggion.
 1847 Turkey hooked by Nancy Norton and designed by Anne Nichols; it was a free design in an old issue of Needl'eLove.
Love this Baby Bear rug designed and hooked (Proddy) by pal Char.  She had previously hooked a larger bear and wanted a smaller version as well to go in their lake cabin.  I still have not started one but wouldn't that be a really cool gift to my son or grandson?
Friends hooked by Cindy Harpring.
Designed and hooked by Kris Miller is Have you Any Wool.
 Designed by Deanne Fitzpatrick is "I Only Told My Sister".
The Hutchinson style rug is hooked by Nancy Norton.
The Hiding Bunny was hooked by Polly Reinhart
No, sadly the rug isn't turned upside down, evidently someone either purchased a pattern designed for punching from the back, or had a red dot which wasn't transferred properly.  Wonder when she discovered this?
 I  love gold and red together.  Hooked by Mary Fadely.
Hooked by Marty Petkosh.
In the middle is Flower Basket, a Barb Carroll design hooked by Lois Hilliard.
 Lilies of the Field designed and hooked by Rebecca Landin.
This rug, a design by Heart in Hand was hooked by Linda Woodbury.
 I'm getting a little punch drunk flipping back and forth to catch the names on each rug and letting you know who hooked it.  So now you can just click on the picture and read the info yourself.  It will make this blog post go a little faster for me.
 I say I'm not a bright color person but OH BOY does that Toucan speak to me!!!  Love it and the colors.
 This is an E.S. Frost design which I offer as a pattern and have hooked this one myself.  
 Lovely florals both the one in full view and part of the other seen in the photo.
This one I don't have to go read who hooked it.  This is the very enlarged thumb print of Joan Strausbaugh who always challenges herself.  Frankly I'd have gotten dizzy hooking this but am sure she was quite alert and gungho the entire time.
Another person who enjoyes pushing the envelope is friend Char who hooked this beautiful Moss rug for their Lake Cabin.  
Okay, one last thing to end the who really know me know that I love looking for orbs.  I believe they are spirits, spirit guides or angels who are either connected to a location or a person.  I have never seen so many orbs in one place at the Chalfonte in all the years of taking photos.  

Are they connected to the room and I caught them off guard?  
Because the next photo I took within 2 minutes there were fewer but one was really prominent.
Okay, I'm ready to get off'n this dang computer thing.  Hope you enjoyed the show.  Guess I didn't bother taking pictures of my rugs or Deb's rugs from the show and don't know why.



  1. So much talent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow!
    Great memories,,,,
    And wonderful mats!
    Thanks saundra!

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos from long before I was reading your blog. About cropping the photos - is it a file error or the flash drive with errors? If you can copy the file to another name and crop the new one, you won't lose the original if it's the file with an issue. If it's the whole flash drive... Don't worry about a reply - I'm still working on why some of my comments are ok, some are no-reply. Will try commenting as the Google account, not the name/url I usually try to comment with.

  4. oh the beagle, makes me smile each time I come back to it, thanks for sharing, raining buckets here in Wisconsin.

  5. Wow what an amazing collection of rugs ….always fun to see .

  6. Those orbs are a real mystery. Does anyone else get them on their pics? My fave of this group was the Chalfonte rug, but that cute beagle was a close second.

  7. Great show! I've had the Anne Nichols pattern on linen for a few years...sigh. One of these days.
    The Barb Carroll rug was the class offered at the ATHA Biennial in Lancaster, PA.
    I don't think it would take much to figure out you were hooking WELCOME backwards. Maybe they want to look at it in a
    That thumbprint rug was at Sauder one year. I just don't get it, but each to her own.
    Sure do hope Cape May happens for you!!!

  8. Well...that was a show and then some! Way too many "faves" to even begin trying to reduce to writing. But the 2 that REALLY stick out are the "Welcome" and the fingerprint. You just can't mess that up by mistake LOL.... and the fingerprint? Well, I'm into forensics, have a degree in anthropology/archaeology....and have a few "specimens" hanging around most people shake their heads at...but to hook a fingerprint? Hmmmm.... I might not be able to sleep tonight LOL. ~Robin~

  9. This is the 3rd time I'm attempting to comment. I thought I had it figured out on my phone, but evidently not. If that moss ever needed a new home, I would certainly be willing to take it off her hands:0)
    I totally forgot about you not getting to hunt for orbs this May. That's so sad. I like to see how many you discover. You should treat yourself to an historic tearoom and snap a few shots. Will keep trying to figure out my phone - it's in privacy settings somewhere - oy!


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