Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Lone Flower

Am finished hooking the antique adaptation Lone Flower.  
In previous posts I've shown antique rugs which were finished by folding over the foundation and pulling loops thru the layers.  In one step it protects the edge of the foundation and a form of self-binding.  I tried to do that with this piece but found it difficult to manipulate the loops on the edge.  Don't know how they did it back in the day.

Since I want this piece to resemble an antique I don't want a whipped edge as that would make it look too modern.  As would wool or cotton rug binding not look authentic.  So will fold over the foundation and tack it down.  After all it isn't going on the floor so won't get lots of use.  Am sure it will go on a wall or put on a table somewhere here.
Tomorrow as I'm sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctor will finish binding Early Bird and work on this one too.  Happy hooking.



  1. This looks so pretty & primitive ! I love it !!!Good Luck at the eye Dr !!!!

  2. I don't think I could handle leaving the empty space like the other one (OCD???) And did I hear you put those two words together "finish binding"? Wahoo!

  3. wonderful piece I have never heard of finishing a rug that way but it makes since.

  4. You did antique to perfection! Great job!

  5. Good luck at the eye doctor. I went to the dentist today and have to have a crown. UGH So love the antiqued look to this rug. Very primitive indeed! Janice

  6. Another awesome finish my friend!! Do you spray walnut dye on all your rugs...or just ones you want to look particularly "true" to their era? Good for you for sticking with your binding. I actually ENJOY binding, but have yet to tackle binding my Gillford runner. Was waiting on the yarn and started the whale, and well, that as far as that went LOL. Good luck at the eye doc...I so have to bite the bullet and make an appointment...has been way too long. ~Robin~

  7. Hi Saundra,
    I just love your new rug and think you did it perfectly!! Not sure what I think of the "hooking low and leaving spaces" as it sounds to me like it would not be hooked very well!! Guess I have never seen one of her rugs, but as I tend to pack my loops more, I would have a very hard time doing that anyway!! Love how you aged it and I love to use coffee stain on most of my handmade pieces, so love the antiqued look!! I like the self binding that you are doing as well!! Hope all goes well at your appointment!!
    Happy Hooking, my friend~
    Julie xo

  8. It may not be what you were striving for, but it still is terrific.

  9. Its amazing!
    Love this so much,,,
    Very antiqued looking,,,


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