Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I'm Late....Again

Honestly, I do try to do a blog post every other day but sadly I've been late a LOT lately.  But then many bloggers have given up the ghost for quite some time so guess I'm one of a few survivors.  For that reason I should be more diligent in my blogging pursuits of a lost breed.  For sure blogging is my preference to FB.

Anyone reading my blog who is a hooker and has a blog, please reach out, give me your link and I'll put you on my side bar so others can enjoy your work as well.

Okay, not done yet, but thought I'd show you the progress on Lone Flower.  
Needless to say I've failed once again at hooking the Carole Weatherman style as the loops are pulled up a tad too high (my natural rhythm) and not far enough apart.  Although I'm not a packer it is still difficult for me to pull loops so far apart that gaps show up in the photo.  

Oh well, I'll continue hooking, wet down the finished piece, steam it, spray it with black walnut liquid, steam it again and let it dry.  Think that is when I'll appreciate the struggle to hook out of my comfort zone. .....I hope.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    I know we seem to be our own worst critic, and it is so hard to get it to look different than our natural style, but I do think you have done a good job!!! I find myself being pretty critical of my work too, and then just have to remind myself that I just need give myself some grace!! I think once you are done with all the special finishes, you will just love it!!!! Many people wish they could hook like you!!!! I'm one of them!!!! I'm always inspired by my visit!!!
    Take care and hope you enjoy your week!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  2. Just love love love these colors! Janice

  3. You are so close to yet another finish. A true hooking machine!!!
    My goal is to blog twice a week and I am failing miserably at that. I am just finding it difficult find something to blog about. Not get much done on the "crafty" front and how many pictures of my yard do people really want to see?
    I did...finally...start a new hooked mat so hopefully will have enough hooked to share soon.

  4. I'm not a rug hooker (yet?). I do like reading about what rug hookers are working on though. I did not know there was a hooking style as far as how dense to put the loops. I only knew some prefer wider or narrower wool, or certain styles of designs & colors. Even that little bit was due to reading blogs. I like how your rug is turning out, though I must confess I'm not sure what the Carol Weatherman style is that you are hoping to do looks like.

  5. Love the colors of this Saundra ! When I click on the picture it looks perfect to me ! Pretty Pretty !!!

  6. Looking great! It reminds me of looking at a flower towards the sun - you know how you see the rings of light around whatever it is you hold up. Makes me think of being a kid in summer:-)

  7. It's looking good to me my friend. Well, I have never aimed to blog that frequently....frankly, I don't feel "entitled" to blog unless I am caught up on my blog reading (at least for the most part), and sigh...that seems to happen so infrequently. But I'm still here!! And hooking...well, I've made some progress, but have run into a bit of snag of sorts...and puzzling until I figure it out. ~Robin~


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