Thursday, June 18, 2020

Throwback Thursday

Let's go back to 2012 in Cape May, NJ attending rug camp at the Victorian Chalfonte Hotel.  Our teacher was Bev Conway and being held in the 'dungeon'.  Bev is in the blue standing in the back with the angelic image behind her.  Awww, to the right in pink is departed friend Susan Woodworth ~ oh but she was a talented and fun woman.  Far left and face being blocked out by the light is my friend Char.
Kris Miller's class was being held in the dining hall ~ teachers rotate between the dungeon and dining hall.  Kris is working with my friend Phyllis Sheetz.
Also in the dining hall was teacher Laura Pierce.  Her class was the opposite side from Kris and I notice friend Joan Strausbaugh hiding from me since there's a camera in my hand.  Over to the right is our fearless leader Norma walking thru the door.
2IC Linda is on her way thru the Secret Garden to get ice.  Notice the sinks and tub in the back right side?  That is a really attractive water fall in a delightful garden of herbs and flowers.  FYI, 2IC is military speak for second in command.
A photo of the camp store back in 2012 but it has gotten bigger over the years.  I believe those rugs on the lattice work are samples of Mola and other patterns by Norma Batastini.  But there are offerings by other teachers and contributors as well.
A favorite spot for Char, Deb and me is the "Veranda" just outside our room.  2012 Happened to be an Anniversary year so there was free Hors d'oeuvres, wine and champagne.  Roomie Deb with a glass of champagne. 
Friend Char with a glass of vino
And me with a glass of Cab saying "cheese".
Heck, I think I need to spread this out until tomorrow's "Flashback Friday" to show some rugs from the show and throw down.  Stop back if you wish and enjoy the show.

I'm so hoping Cape May happens in September and I plan to go if the event is held.  I'll be prepared with masks and whatever precautions they take.  Personally, from what I've heard from a neighbor nurse and a personal doctor, this "pandemic" is being blown way out of proportion.   But will be cautious, wash my hands use sanitizer, eat healthy and do what I normally do to stay healthy.  

But I'm not ready to shrivel up and excommunicate myself from society when others can join en-mass to stop traffic, devastate, demolish and burn down businesses.  Really?   OOPS.  Sorry, seems I strayed but won't remove it.

Keep hooking to keep calm.  WE will BE BACK.  



  1. It looks like a wonderful time. I still have one in Oct. That is not canceled. We shall see.

  2. That looked like so much fun ! Hope you can go in September !!!! We all need some Fun in our lives right now !

  3. Agree on your stance are the corona virus. Fun pics.

  4. You are such a cutie patootie.... Looks like a beautiful that "waterfall idea. Hope things stop getting canceled sigh. I am weary of this...and of having to be careful about what I say. Who would think that it would be other Americans who took our freedom of speech away? ~Robin~


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