Sunday, June 7, 2020

Playing/Experimenting in the Dye Pot

Recently  I've been thinking about marrying wool, dyeing primitive black and then remembered the already mixed liquids on the shelf in the garage.  Took a look and saw a jar of "1/8 gold" with no reference as to what it was dyed for.  So assumed it was 1/8 tsp. Pro-Chem gold.

It had been there a while and had always thought about dyeing gold over grey to achieve a Chartreuse .  Wasn't sure how much grey wool or if this would even do the job.  I grabbed a piece of heather grey and a darker grey windowpane wool and think there is slightly over 1/4 yard.  On the bottom is what the original looks like and on top is the result of the dye.  
At least one jar is empty from the shelf so maybe I'll pick another color and experiment again soon...stay tuned.

See that pattern and linen below the wool?  Remember when I said I'd like to take advantage of the linen on my present project to draw my next pattern?  Well, it wouldn't be a great use of resources so decided to pull a piece of left over linen to use instead.  Nope, not gonna show you what's next because it's too soon.  Besides, you know how fickle I am and might change my mind on what to put on the frame next anyway.

Happy hooking, stay safe.



  1. That heather grey dyed great!
    I need to get hook in hand. It's been a while :(

  2. Really love the result of the plain wool on the right... I wouldn't call it "chartreuse" exactly (to me, chartreuse is more "grinch" or lime green LOL)...but I like it!! You are a tease, aren't you? ;-) Hope your week is off to a good's a hot one here....then going to go down to 60's for highs and 40's for lows again after tomorrow. ~Robin~

  3. Keeping us in the dark eh! LOL Was hooking a bit this afternoon. Janice

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Looks like your experiments worked!!! The one on the right is such a lovely gold color that I'm sure you will find very useful!! The other one dyed nicely too and looks like a great olive color!!
    I was wondering what was going to be your next rug and guess now I will have to wait to find out!! You love to tease us, don't you???
    Take care and keep cool!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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