Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Some New Old Rugs Found (edited)

I'm always searching for new antique rugs and this morning I hit pay dirt.  Below is a rug with cats looking longingly at balls of yarn.  Would be a sweet rug for any knitter to own.  Measures 22 x 38 and date as to age.
A Vintage Vehicle hooked rug measuring 18 x 31; ditto on the age.
A farm scene with crochet edge.  
 Although not a hooked piece this folk art eagle would make a nice rug.
Feline with Flowers from 19th century measures 23 x 34.
Early 20th century hooked fish dimensions are 20 x 34.
This Snowshoe design would also serve as a geometric design.  It looks as though the name at the bottom is Tom Lyonskahe, or at least that is how the auction house sees it.  The rug measures 54 x 74.
Hard to see at first, is this Solitary Tree in the center of the rug.  Think I showed it previously but don't think I had any other information on it before.  It measures 29 x 41.
 Black Bird on a House 18 x 35.
Almond shaped Floral 23 x 40.
Another C A T rug hooked 19th century and measures 26 x 36.  Several of these newly found old rugs don't have dates on them but I've provided whatever information  gleaned from the auction site.
And because blogger friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) had my back and told me I forgot the C A T rug here is a rug especially to her liking.  Sorry, was unable to obtain information on dimensions or date hooked. 
Okay Jennie, am waiting for your pick, 😁



  1. another good display of old rugs.

  2. I'm not Jennie, but I LOVE that eagle! Is it in the public domain so you could make it into a pattern??? Huh? Huh?? Also loving the feline with flowers and the blackbird (ummm, SURPRISE! LOL). Happy Hump Night to you... (gee, that doesn't sound very good, does it??) ~Robin~

  3. Great rugs. Thanks for sharing! Janice

  4. That eagle is calling my name...not that it means!
    I think you forgot to add the last C A T rug :)

  5. Another great rug show ! The car one is neat & Love the farm scene …..

  6. Oh, love these mats!
    Such fun,,,
    Thanks , saundra!

  7. Love that folk art eagle. Youshouldhook it!


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