Sunday, June 21, 2020

Remember the Cat's Paw?

A couple months ago I invited anyone to join me in hooking something with a cat's paw design ~ any size any style any colors.  I was inspired by a photo of one in an old issue of Early American Life magazine.

Only two people (that I am aware of) took me up on that invitation.  This morning my Canadian friend Elaine sent me a photo of hers and I was waiting for it before making this post.  Elaine said she used mostly leftover yarn, wool, sari silk and sweaters.  If you tap on the photo you will see how the various textiles compliment each other.  Great job Elaine and like the colors you chose.
I'm definitely going to try using different textiles in a future rug but have so far avoided spending money for sari silks.  Guess I could always cut up silk blouses but they don't have the varying colors of sari.

You may already have seen Lauren's Cat's Paw on her blog a few weeks ago.  Lauren designed her piece to fit the seat of her newly inherited rocker.  She also used up some of her worms but said it wouldn't make a dent in them.
Here is a photo of the chair pad resting comfortably in Grandma's rocker.
And lastly, is mine which I've also shown before but is a boring brown mixture.  But still it was also a chance for me to use up strips from my  abundance of worms.
Happy hooking, stitching or whatever your passion is.



  1. They are all so pretty !!! This is on my To-Do list one day !!!

  2. I love all the textures in Elaine's rug but not something I am interested in doing.
    Your "boring brown" is right up my alley, as they say :)

  3. they are all wonderful and a great way to use up worms.

  4. Dont say yours is boring. I so love it and the others as well. Janice

  5. Thanks Saundra!!!
    I enjoyed doimg the cats paw mat,,,, and got my mojo back!
    I have had a bad back,,,, so couldnt do much else for a few days!
    Chiropractor today,,, hope that helps!
    I love urs and Laurens mat,,,, but have wo much yarn, etc,,,, that want to use ,,,,, took the mat to my sister yesterday to sell in her shop! so has a consignment shop and has sold alot of my mats there, ,,,
    My style has changed over the years,,,, still love so many styles,,,, and its amazimg how different the same mat can look ,, when different people hook,it,,,

  6. Three quite different interpretations of the cat's paws....and each beautiful. I haven't hooked with a lot of different fibers...tend to stick with good old wool....although I did use old paisley in my Gillford runner. Love the look, but not fond of the fraying and ease of shredding...can't yank it out very readily LOL. ~Robin~

  7. Oh gosh...some one of these days I will hook a "cat's paw" as it is a great way to use up worms and i have plenty of...great job ladies.


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