Tuesday, November 24, 2020

What a Difference a Year Makes

This time last year I was planning to bake two pies to take to my son's house for Thanksgiving.  After passing the Thanksgiving cooking torch to my wanna be chef son now I only take pumpkin pie for him and apple pie for the Princess, my wonderful daughter-in-love.  Not this year.

First are the restrictions put on families due to Covid but in all honesty had Greg called saying he was cooking for Thanksgiving again I was ready to decline since they are more socially active.  Me, being of risk factor age I'd feel more safe in my own cocoon since other family members would be invited also.  However, Greg called to say his wife Cathy (sweet DIL) had Covid as did her sister who works in the ER.   So my decision was made in that call.  

This will be one of my turkey's to enjoy the rest of the week and a tad beyond Thanksgiving Day.

Have no fear, I will eat healthy as always.  Tonight I'm just finishing up left over chicken, broccoli and carrots so not sure more foul will be on my plate in two days.  Maybe some homemade soup?  Or maybe some stir fry veggies and rice?? Not sure yet but I'll contemplate that tomorrow when I make my weekly run to the grocery store.

Here is another turkey which will be on my  harvest table beginning tomorrow.
(1847 Turkey by Needl'love hooked 2007)

Reason the rug has just the initial "S" is because I was going thru a divorce and didn't want the current last initial to show up on the rug.  In the final decree I'd requested to return to my former and departed husband's name which is also the last name of my son ~ Porter.

Oh, almost forgot I've another Turkey for Thanksgiving....Old Tom, which I just recently completed.  Will have to take a better picture of it for future postings but this happened to be handy on my flash drive.
(Old Tom hooked 2020)

Hope all my readers and followers have a Happy Thanksgiving no matter how small it may be.  Mine will surely be small but let's all be thankful for the small blessings and beauty around us.  



  1. Awww....I love each and every one of your Toms!! I would truly be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. Well, I am proud of you for eating healthy at least. Me, I had one cookie shy of a dozen (saving for later) chocolate chip cookies and half a family size bag of cheese balls for dinner....washed down with some Chardonnay (well, I did have a glass of milk with the first 3 or 4-ish cookies....only to realize 3/4ths of the way through that it had soured....I have never been good at figuring that out until too late.) It has now been over a week since I have left the house....or even seen another human....and I sure as heck won't set foot in a grocerty store the day before Thanksgiving. If I did, I'd likely be spending the holiday in the husgow.... But, hey, they probably would serve a turkey dinner, no??? No turkey here...no nada. Maybe I will make some more cookies. ~Robin~

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  3. Love all UR hooking!,,
    Have a safe thanksgiving!!!
    Lots more cases even in our pretty remote area,,,scarey,,,,
    No xmas plans for us,,,
    Yikes!!hope UR daughter in law ok!!!send recovered,,,Too close to home,,,,,
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  4. I love your turkey I have one little mat I hooked years and not sure what I was thinking for color choices. We will be just us two but that is usual for us. I will cook a chicken this year and have a couple of veggies. As a big treat we will have a homemade blueberry pie.
    I fear what we are about to face in this country and pray for the Drs and nurses that have to deal with it all.

  5. I love all your turkey rugs! We are spending the day without family also. They all have jobs, thank goodness, but are more exposed to the virus so we will hunker down here and visit via FaceTime. I plan to cook the traditional fare just for us. I just retrieved my large Steve Shelton Christmas rug from the storage trunk so will get it on the frame to begin hooking again. I hope to finish it this year.

  6. I love your turkey rugs. They are beautiful.
    I hope your day is wonderful anyway.

  7. Will not be spending time with my family either this year, ut will be making our own turkey and fixins. Love all of your turkeys. Will need to hook either old tom or the tallowberry one eventually. Happy Thanksgiving Saundra. Janice

  8. Will be a quiet day for us too ....just hope if we are very careful now , we can be together for Christmas ....
    Love all your Great Turkey Rugs !!!

  9. Sorry about your DIL and her sister. Hope they have a mild case. Love your turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  10. Love all your turkeys but 1847 Turkey is my fav. I just love your colors.
    Prayers for a mild case of the Chinese virus for your d-i-l and that other family members remain healthy.
    Eat healthy on Thanksgiving? No way!!!

  11. Love those turkey rugs! Every handmade item has a story behind it....mostly of thoughts of life that was happening while creating the piece. I've actually sold off most of my pieces that had "bad" memories attached to them. Anything made in 2020 I will surely keep... while it is a "bad" year that most would love to forget... I'm ever so grateful that I've LIVED through it...and all of those close to me are still with me! :-) Wishing you and yours MANY happy and healthy Thanksgivings in the years to come! Prayers for Cathy and her sister. Hugs!


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