Monday, January 25, 2021

Blogger Friendships

Since starting my blog I've gotten to know and established great friendships with people I've never met.  When they do a new blog post it is like a door opening to welcome you in for a conversation, sit a spell  and share a cup of tea and see what they have been doing.  

Some of my blogger friends and I communicate daily even without a new blog post.  That is tantamount especially since this pandemic has put us in isolation plus the added winter time.

All of my blogger friends are talented and, like Lauren I was a lucky recipient of water color gifts from Donna from A little this and a Little That blog.  These came in the mail to me today.  
Take a look at the detail on that mushroom on the left.  I was wondering what that would look like hooked.  Was interesting too see see the bold letters of 'STASH' on the tea bag.  It struck me funny as we rug hookers know all too well about the 'stash' of wool we own.  In the mornings I need/want my coffee but from time to time do enjoy a cup-o-tea.  Me thinks tomorrow afternoon with it raining outside I'll have a cup of that Earl Grey 'black tea noir'.  Now that I'm looking forward to.  THANK YOU Donna!!!




  1. I have also gotten some of her amazing work she is amazing.

  2. Donna is a truly gifted person...and obviously has an incredibly generous heart. What fun to get some happy mail!! Lucky you! ~Robin~

  3. Great gift and friendships,,,So Nice,,,especially Now!

  4. Oh gosh! Thank you so much for a whole post just for me. I am humbled by your kind words and so happy that your happy mail was well received.
    A million Thanks.Donna.

  5. Donna's watercolors are SO GOOD!!! I am jealous of her talent...and she has many others.
    Now I know why Cathy asked me if I had your!

  6. What pretty , delicate work she does !!! Always fun to get a surprise package !!!


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