Thursday, January 21, 2021


Flashing back to 1980 when my first husband Gary, son Greg and I visited Monterey, California.  We lived in the east Bay area of San Ramon along the San Andreas fault 😞 but would cross over the Golden Gate Bridge to visit San Francisco often as well as Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz and other tourist sites.   

Here's Gary and Greg beside a long retired train.
Me on the caboose of said train.
In the photo album I've loads of photos but just picked a couple for today.  Here is Doc Ricketts' building who was friends of the local working girls of the area.  If you have read John Steinbeck's Cannery Row then you will be familiar with the name.  Click on the link above to learn more about the real Doc Ricketts.
This is, or was, the coolest bar and was near the wharf.  What you don't see are the vintage cars hanging on the side of the wall or the car doors which opened the restrooms.  Note the stop light in the background.  Don't know if the place still exists as I left California after Gary died in 1981.
We did a lot of touristy things in the 3 years living in California but sadly one of them was not visiting wine country.  Boy I would have loved that for sure.



  1. Fun, fun, throwback...thanks for sharing your memories with us! And you're one hot mama LOL!! I did get to California twice. Once to San Francisco....but I was alone, 8 months pregnant and there for a NAFTA seminar. Exciting I know... But I managed to get into trouble nonetheless. (A long story.) And a few years back I went to Napa with 2 neighbors. We visited many wineries, but me being a white wine drinker was not as impressed as the other 2 who liked red LOL. ~Robin~

  2. What a nice retrospect of your laid back California lifestyle...always loved that saying that the teacher said in Hocus Pocus the movie. Never been to California. How cute you looked too! Janice

  3. Lovely pics and memories!!!never been to California!!!!
    Good stuff!!!


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