Friday, January 15, 2021

Silly Dye Mistake

Today I felt like pulling out the dye pots but didn't want to pull out all that stuff, you know....the spoons, recipes, dye packets, measuring cups, mask, etc.  Instead I looked on my shelf of leftover recipes already mixed.  

There were two Karen Kahle recipes ~ in one jar was Faded Apricot, the other jar was Tawny each with a note on top to add 1/2 yard or more per quantity.   Okay, so pulled wool and soaked.  Note to self: (go for more and soak just in case.)

Two pots on the stove and put the remaining liquid in each pot, stirred and put in the wool.  Quite soon, and since I'm a primitive hooker the vivid colors hurt my eyes.  I scrambled to the wool room and grabbed more wool and didn't bother to soak and just put it in the pot.  

Colors were still too bright for me so went to the liquid collection and saw a jar of 'light brown' to tone down colors.  Hell, don't think there was enough of that light brown to tone down these jobs.

What I SHOULD HAVE DONE, and what I have done in the past is put just  a couple tablespoons of the dye in the pot and repeat to see the results developing as I go.  But no, I just dumped the whole damn thing in the pot.  This first photo is with a flash and strangely more realistic to what hurt my eyes ~ that would be the wool on the left.
The bottom photo is without a flash and would be more acceptable to my primitive eyes IF that is what it looked like.
So newbie dyers take a lesson from me and you'd think I'd have learned by now.  Guess I was over zealous about dyeing for a little diversity in the lock down.



  1. All is not lost you can still over dye it again. But good color! I know not to your pallet or mine but still good.

  2. Could you throw it all back in a dye pot with tea bags?
    Love your blog

  3. When I was dyeing I always found the KK colors brighter than anticipated as well. My old teacher always told us to go across the color wheel to tone them down, which you probably already know.

  4. I agree to dump them back in the pot. A good hooker friend who really hooks grungy swears by Seal Brown (Cushing).

  5. Turned out good,,,to me,,,but know u like more primitive Colors!
    I know u will use it,,,whether toned down or not,,,Thanks for the lessons ,,,

  6. This is why I am afraid to dye !!! LOL

  7. Note to self: Never give in to the temptation to try dyeing. ;-)

  8. I ditto Robin's comment. No dye pots for me. Jaince


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