Saturday, May 22, 2021


Not finished but close to being done, thought I'd give you an update anyway.  Oh, by the way, Wool and Goods is handling Patsy Becker's designs now.
This is the conglomerate of wool used including a couple random pieces in the mix.  Sure doesn't look like the rug does it?  Except you can pick out the areas where that dark striped part of the second piece is hooked.
Since I don't have anything ready for my frame once this is done (yet) guess I'll work on the flag.

What a great day it was to walk into Walmart without a mask!!!!!!  I finally feel free being captive of the government.   The only thing now is that I'm needing to wear makeup, lol.

Happy Saturday, Happy Hooking.


  1. I so love how the plaids look hooked in a rug. Yours is looking mighty fine! Janice

  2. Amazing how those wools came together so wonderfully. I really love this piece. ~et~

  3. Fun wools to use,,Always loved plaids,,,

  4. I really love this rug!!! Mot wearing a mask is wonderful. I almost feel things are normal again. Sad thing is, everyone Kim the restaurant industry needs workers, and lots of places are having to close or reduce the times/number of days they are open.

  5. Love the colors of this pretty Jewel Basket , your background colors are super ! Never would have thought of all those colors together.
    I still feel a little unsure of not wearing a mask . I know a few people who refuse to get vaccinated & they make me nervous. We still wear our masks until the 29th. I love it around friends , but eating out makes me nervous. I'm sure it will get easier to leave it behind in time.

  6. I never would have known those were the wools used in the background, but they are perfection.
    Our mask mandate in Ohio supposedly ends June 2, but many places are already following the CDC guidelines. I love not wearing a mask. Sadly, I don't believe some people will give them up for a long, long time. The government has instilled fear in too many people. I just don't trust our government. We know figures have been manipulated.

  7. Wool and Goods has owned the Patsy Becker line for over 10 yrs.
    The jewel basket also comes in a larger size that I have hooked for our home.
    Great rug!


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