Thursday, May 6, 2021

Throwback Thursday

It has been a few years since I enjoyed a rug camp with Barb Carroll but doubt I'll ever make that 6 hour trek to Ligonier, PA again due to the travel.  Barb's skill in working with textures and color to get that old look is top notch and have been very happy with every rug hooked with her.

After Barb sold her Woolley Fox property she had to do a massive downsizing as she was moving from a big home and two cottages down to a townhouse.  All of Barb's buildings had beautiful hooked rugs and antiques, so no matter whether I was staying in the Woolley Cottage or the Guest House those rugs added to the enjoyment of the visit. Here are a couple rugs which were in the Guest House.
You can see the main part of the Guest house in this photo, the bedroom, bathroom and mini-kitchen are to the right.  But here is a close up of those rugs on the wall.
There were also rugs on the walls in the bedroom and one in the big bath (neither shown).  But thought I'd move to the main point of the post.  One year a bunch of us hookers got together and purchased a huge amount of large rubber ducks for her koi pond.  We did this to uplift Barb since she was going thru a rough patch.
Knowing we were soon scheduled for a camp with Barb, Deb and I both decided to design and hook a Rubber Ducky mat to keep the momentum of joy going.  Barb put them in the classroom at her main home; Deb's Duck is on the top and mine is below.
After Barb moved and photos were put up on her new web page I was surprised and honored by what I saw hanging on her wall of the townhouse.  Yup those Rubber Duck mats Deb and I hooked for Barb survived the downsizing.  That is because Barb, in addition to being a great teacher is also very sentimental.
If you would like to visit Barb's web site to see what she is doing, check out the photos and inquire about a class, click HERE.



  1. WOW !!!What a fun post ....Barb Carroll's home was beautiful , my Mother had her style of decorating , was like being back at my Mother's home , without all the beautiful hooked rugs. Love your story about the yellow rubber ducks !!! Had to be so much fun hooking with her . Thanks for sharing !!!

  2. what a fun thing to do to help lift her spirits.
    to bad no more rug camps with her.

  3. I am sure those rubber duckies and the rugs cheered her up at that time. How wonderful for you two to hook them for her. Janice

  4. So sorry I never go to partake!
    Hey, come on. What is a six hour trek?
    Fun that your little ducky is a prized possession.


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