Friday, July 16, 2021

I've Pulled Some Loops!!!!!!

Some of what is hooked was done before my hand injury, so it might look like I've accomplished a lot.  Truth is only a little has been done since late this week when I could pull loops. 
As you can see I'm still designing by the seat of my pants because where there was a wagon and a goose there is now a BOVINE.  Frankly I'm not sure where this rug will lead me next. 

This week has been a crappy week since last Friday when I injured my left hand.  Since it is a Friday again trouble still follows with internet and phone issues.  Thankfully all has been resolved now and am hoping this is the end of the shit week.   

Wish I had more to show and was more entertaining but I'm exhausted dealing with Comcast and want to pull a few loops before going to bed.  Hopefully will have a more upbeat post next time.



  1. Some weeks are just like that aren't they? Here's wishing a happy follow up.

  2. The rug looks really good. I just noticed that I can't identify which sexes are the bovines, lol. Must be because I practically lived in the barn, and I can usually tell. lol...

    Maybe you need some hay for your bovines. I don't know. I would be at a lost for where to go with this rug too. Get your colored crayons and color in some area of the background on paper to get a better idea.

    I'm up late because I fell asleep after supper and now can't sleep. Very unusual for me.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. So sorry things have been such a struggle lately for you. We have spectrum and they are on strike here so lord knows what is going to happen. I hope your hand is feeling better and you can get back to what you love. I think your rug is coming along nicely.

  4. Hope you are looking towards a better weekend.

  5. Hope next week is much better too !!! Enough frustration & discomfort !!!

  6. Good for you to pull some Loops! Bit by bit,,,,
    Hoping it feels better,,,
    Great Mat!

  7. Mummy said there'd be days (weeks?) like this. ;-) I'm glad to see that you managed to get some loops pulled and that you have not given up on this rug. I really am liking it...something about the oxen. But "there's now bovine"?? I thought the oxen were there from the very beginning and the wagon motif was where the pig now is?? May have to go back and reread your posts.... Heaven knows I've been wrong before...and a whole lot wrong lately. ~et~

  8. So happy you are doing better. Yes get a new PCP and use your current provider for backup. Your rugs are amazing


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