Saturday, October 30, 2021

Happy Halloween

Don't have a lot of Halloween decorations out this year but will show you what is.  First is my favorite Halloween rug Nantucket Broom Ride designed by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  It was fun to hook in Kris' class and I enjoy it each year.
I used to make dolls but stopped doing that about 10 years ago.  Here is a witch with a hooked face I made.  Also made the paper mache' pumpkin as well.  Prices too high for a vintage pumpkin so made my own.  I don't have wonderful vintage Steiff Cats like Robin (The Cranky Crow) but do have this fun thing I purchased from a JoAnne Fabrics years ago ~ think it was JoAnne.
A pattern by Lucille Festa named Hobo Joe.  It was meant to be a cut out door people pattern but I chose to make it into a mat.  
A better view of Lucille's pattern is below.  
Since I have your attention I may as well show you other Halloween themed rugs  and  other things I've hooked over the years.  My design is "mache' Jacks" and a better look at my pumpkin.
A design by Kelley Belfast I call A Little Birdie Told Me because her design looks like the bird is whispering into an ear.
Another Lori Brechlin Design named "Do Goode Be Nice" was hooked in another Kris Miller class and she also offers the pattern for sale.
A few years ago I was the lucky recipient of a kit giveaway by Maria Barton from her Star Rug Company's blog.
Below is a Barb Carroll Jack I hooked which was a free pattern insert in the 1997 Sept/Oct issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.
Many years ago I made this applique quilt piece which I've hung on my front door previously to celebrate Halloween.
HESTER is another free design by Lori Brechlin which was in Primitive Quilts and Projects.
I can't forget Jack's Crow which I hooked last year.  A design by Terri Leamer of Winter Cottage Studio.  Think I'd like to hook it again and in better colors. 
Yet another Lori Brechlin pattern Merrie October hooked last year was quick and fun.
A Witch doll I used to make which sold well at shows.  I tried to make each one slightly different.  
And another example.
From a Not Forgotten Farm pattern booklet I hooked the Wytch pulling a pumpkin.
Just found this picture of witches.
Last but not least....Kitty in Candy Corn was a small thing I made which sold well and even tho I could probably sell many this time of year am just not interested in even making easy things any longer.  Am over dollmaking (cat making).
Today I hauled 8 wheelbarrow loads of rocks and here is the sum of two days work of 16 loads.  And there is a lot more for me to haul.  Me thinks these rocks are reproducing faster than my wool worms.  Calling my work outside done for today and will find pleasure hooking.


  1. I'm impresses with how many Halloween rugs you made. Your papier mache pumpkin will some day become an antique.

    If I was closer, I'd help you carry those heavy rocks to built up my muscles that have become soft.

    Happy Halloween.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Happy All Hallow's Eve Eve Mummy Dearest! Your Halloween rugs are the BEST! It sounds as though you did not display them all this year??? That makes me sad. I especially love Nantucket Broom Ride, Hester, and Wytch Pulling the Pumpkin....Must be a Notforgotten Farm thing LOL. And I love your witches...especially the one with the key necklace...something about her face!! Enjoy your afternoon/evening of hooking. ~Robin~

  3. All of your hooking & dolls you made are wonderful !!! You even made the paper mache pumpkin ! You must have spent hours producing things back in the day when craft fairs were so hot ! Lori has so many great Halloween patterns !
    My back aches just looking at your piles of all those rocks !
    Have a Happy Halloween & relax by hooking !!!!

  4. You definitely deserve to spend the rest of your day hooking!
    You sure do have a lot of Halloween rugs and those witches of yours are just wonderful. The hooker of many talents ;-)

  5. Do you have a pattern for your kitty in the candycorn? would love to purchase if you do. Loving all of your Halloween rugs. I never tire of looking at them each year. Happy Halloween! Janice

  6. Love ,love all UR fall mats,,,Wish I had made more myself,,,I did make alot,,but sold most of them over the years,,,
    Have the merrier October in punch needle out on display,,love it,,,love lori patterns,,,

  7. Well this puts me in the Halloween Spirit! I’ve got instructions somewhere to make an antique look mache pumpkin. Yours is fabulous and fun! I made cement pumpkins for my garden this month.
    Happy Halloween 🎃


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