Saturday, November 13, 2021

Some Rugs to Think About

The selling price of the rug below will certainly give you pause.  Black Horse hooked with cotton on burlap, flowers, horseshoe and scalloped border sold for $8,190.  Yes it was professionally mounted and measured 50 x 75 but that's a hearty sum.
Wonder what the hooker was trying to say when she hooked this rug?  Was she indicating her dog could smile or that he was aggressive and showed his teeth?  Reader Lady Locust commented that  maybe the dog got hold of her dentures 😁.  The rug was hooked in the 19th century and measures 27.5 x 51.  Believe it or not it sold for $3,680 in 2003.
More horses... recently friend April Leas showed an antique rug on FB she purchased and it seemed familiar to me.
So I grabbed a flash drive and did a search and found this one.  It wasn't the same rug she purchased but could be its sister.  After finding the one similar sent her a picture of the image and asked if she thought the same person hooked both.  I think so; look at the shape of the horse, the legs and mane. 
This is a nice antique rug with a central star, posies and border of triangles.  Rug said to be hooked late 19th or early 20th century measures 32 x 43.  Colorful worms would be great to use in the background.
This next one was described as a Star Pie Center by the auction house.  I'm wondering if the shape has a nautical meaning, anyone out there know?
A view of the back and you can see the hooker did a one-step binding by hooking thru doubled burlap on 3 sides and wanted to hang it so just turned over and stitched down the top.
And a closeup of the top and textiles used.
A short post and didn't dig out the last corner of pond flowers but I did cut grass in the backyard since I just got my push mower back after repair.
Unfortunately when I went to move the black hose out of the way it split.  When it was warmer it was more flexible and since it has gotten cooler makes it more brittle.  So before I get ready to drain the water again,  which fills up more each time it rains, I'll have to tape it.
And the extensions go to the back wooded low area.
Now I'm getting ready to pull a few loops.  Tomorrow I plan to make a pot of chili as it's getting quite chilly outside and time for chili inside 😊.

Happy hooking.



  1. The dog with lipstick might have looked like its owner. lol... It looks like a bit of a collage. Wow, knowing that something so ugly would fetch such a high price, I might be tempted to do something similar, lol...

    I unhooked my hoses today and after emptying it, I had to carry it in the heated basement to warm it up so it could be coiled. The other hose is disconnected but I haven't had time to drain it but more yard work was done today.

  2. Oi...note to self: drain hoses and take them in (just bought all new ones this summer as they hadn't been taken care of properly last year). I love that first rug with the black horse and big red flowers! To me none of the others remotely hold a shine to it. I can't believe you are still mowing. We are supposed to get 2-4" of snow overnight. Grrr.... Funny about the chili..I had planned on making some for my son tomorrow as he asked if I would...but I have been sneezing almost nonstop today...and when I stop sneezing, my nose starts running. What the heck? Probably shouldn't be cooking food for someone else though. ~Robin~

  3. Wowzers. I could never afford a rugs like that. So glad I am able to see it though via your blog. Such beauties. Janice

  4. Maybe the dog got hold of her dentures 😂. Also, I would have called it a mariners compass (or variation). I like the star one ⭐️

  5. I like the star one also. We are getting quite chilly here too. We have had such nice warm weather. With the price of heating our homes it is a good reprieve. I have been making soups though just because I love them so much!

  6. Snow happened here!! It's pretty ,,,,very chilly,,,,
    Good day to Knit and hook,,,,,
    Working on lots of knitted socks,,,,
    Love the mats!!!the horse ones!!wow,,,,
    and love the scrappy ones,,,,So fun!!
    Thanks Saundra!,,!
    Your yard work looks great,,,,,Good to get done,,,,

  7. That dog one almost looks like something that belongs on the Day of the Dead ;-)
    That is one honkin' big pond. I'm sure you will be glad when it is finally all gone. More work than you need. Just think of all the hooking you could have gotten!

  8. Just incredible how much those old rugs sold for ! Wish I could get those prices for my Grand Mother's !!! The teeth on that dog is scary ! Pretty funny though ....
    It's getting cold here today , Sunday , too ....starting to feel like Winter !
    My husband cooked Chili too !!! That time of year .
    Hope you are cozy inside today & hooking !!!
    Yesterday I went to Woolen Memories , I bought myself lots of beautiful wool & some neat patterns for my husband to give me for Cmas !!!! I can not wait to start hooking !!!


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