Monday, December 6, 2021

Look'n at Vintage Rugs

Although I've already decided what I'll hook after Magdalena's Bird Dog it is always great fun to look at antique rugs.  There's a lot going on in this first rug....a skunk and farm animals, a dog on the left bigger than the horse on the right, and is that a bear in the back carrying someone?  
This is a view of the back to see the non-faded colors.  It measures 33 x 51 but don't have a date.
This Amish Folk Floral measures 25 x 37 and hooked early 1900s.
A very detailed country home rug hooked by Anthony Weatherby of Canada.  Sorry but I don't have dimensions.
Folk art black cats sold for $2,150 on ebay.
This rug named Horse For Danny measures 37 x 48 but there is no date.  The rug is drawn and hooked with such detail I'm wondering if Danny was a child with no left arm and the horse was a very gentle equine.
This rug really got me wondering if it could possibly be a Knights Templar Ship ~ you see I watch the Oak Island show on the History channel.  The rug is from  Sturbridge, MA and measures 22 x 38.  This is the back and dang if I can find the front view on my flash drive.
Another landscape with dog, bridge home and trees said to be hooked 1930-40 and has seen its share of abuse during that time.  It measures 20 x 36.  
A view of the back so you can see true colors where repairs were made.  Note also it is self bound thru double burlap.
Well guys and gals, thanks for visiting my blog thank you for all the email AND snail mail birthday wishes.  And thanks for the opportunity to consider all of you 'friend'.



  1. What lovely rugs. I am working on Magdalena's goat now.
    I do love looking at those rugs. Happy Belated birthday!
    Have a nice week.

  2. Always Fun to see your rug shows !!! My favorite is the last one that has seen a lot of foot prints !
    Hope you had a Great Birthday !!!!

  3. Never hurts to look, eh? While not my "style" (color-wise, busy factor, etc.), I do love the whimsy of that first one. It sure does appear to be someone riding on the back of an upright bear LOL And the artistry of the horse in "For Danny"...Wow. But, would it surprise you if I said my favorite was the black cats? Nah....I didn't think so. ~Robin~

  4. Happy day after your birthday and thanks for the show!


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