Monday, February 28, 2022

Temporary Detour

Thought you'd enjoy a change of scenery and look at a few old rugs; but don't worry I'll continue to post updates of rabbit rugs.

Cats and Flowers was hooked 1889 and measures 22.5 x 51.  See that fold down the center?  Folding a rug is never a good idea.  If you aren't going to display it please roll the rug with the hooking on the outside before storing.
An American Eagle hooked in the 19th century with dimensions of 24 x 37.  Note this rug was also folded and it does leave a permanent scar and damage to the rug.
Here's a view of the back so you can see unfaded colors.
If the squirrel rug had been hooked in more earthy colors this would probably make a nice rug.  Sorry, don't have provenance or dimensions but was hooked 1905.
Below is a photo which shows a close up of the various textiles used.
Black and Red horse measuring 22.5 x 33.5 and said to be hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  I love all horse rugs.
A simple yet nice design of Birds Buds and Scrolls.  No date or dimensions were provided.
Spring is coming and here is a rug with Tulips measuring 16 x 23.  This is the front and was hooked 1930.
And a view of the back, these were screen shots as I couldn't save them in jpeg otherwise.
Not considered an antique as it was hooked 1940 but interesting nonetheless is this Map of the US from an estate of the late Karen Tosterud.
Hardly visible, on the back is inscribed "For Peter Stone on his birthday 11/10/1940 with Carlo's love"  It measures 27 x 41.
Hope you enjoyed the show and posting Dancing Rabbits will continue on Wednesday so check back in the afternoon for those.  Happy hooking.



  1. Well, dang.... It isn't much easier trying to identify favorites among these rugs than it is with the rabbit rugs! I really love a lot of them!! But if I could only choose one, I think I would choose the eagle...I must be on an eagle kick lately although, truth be told, this doesn't necessarily look like an eagle to me. ~Robin~

  2. Always enjoy a rug show !!!!

  3. Thanks for the antique rug show. I like the tulip rug but I would have hooked the tulips facing the outside instead of the inside. Just my preference and I like the horse bur not the pink head or tail. It would have been so much better all black and the eagle is lovely too I'm so picky about what I like.

    Looking for more dancing bunnies.
    Have a great day with your hook.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I always enjoy your antique rug shows. You are sure getting a lot of buzz with your challenge I see it mentioned everywhere. It was just mentioned in my online walking group that is rug hookers.

  5. Sorry. That squirrel rug is just butt!

  6. Cats and Flowers (what colours!) plus the Tulips (digging the shape) are my favs. So what year is the cut off between vintage and antique?

  7. Love the cats and tulip,,,Great mats,,,,
    Always a fun one when old mats are featured,,,

  8. I like horse rugs too. I always enjoy seeing antique rugs. Those folded rugs must have been stored away for a long time. I have some old quilt tops from great, greats and its really interesting to see the material they used in those.
    I love antique rug shows.

  9. Oh my! That map is impressive. As I was looking at those, I remembered. I have an illustration I found in an old quilt book of a horse. It made me think of you - something you might like as a rug. I will try to snap a pix and get it to you.


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