Monday, June 13, 2022


Sadness overwhelmed me when being informed Barb Carroll had passed away.  Barb was a rug hooking icon, a legend, master of primitives and color ~ she was my mentor.    I had her books and savored them not imagining I'd ever have the luck to attend one of her classes.  Here she is behind the color planning desk at the old Woolley Fox Lane and wearing her bold and wonderful necklaces.
My first rug camp with Barb 2008 I was in such awe of her that I even took a photo of her talented hands showing us the next rug ready for hooking.
A photo of Barb color planning Lion and Trees taken back in 2012 and so happy to have a photo of her with me.  
While I had a photo of those talented hands her creative mind couldn't be captured in a photograph, but the results of her creativity lives on in the rugs she color planned.   Barb would eye the design then say I've just the right wool for 'this', what ever this was.  She walked across the room and came back with a piece of wool.  

That was something else about Barb.  She never ever measured a piece of wool for a specific motif or border, it was instinctive and always was exact.  There was either just a short strip of that wool left over or it took exactly what she'd torn for that item.

Kinderhook Basket was the first rug first class with Barb 2008.  It hangs in this room and I often walk up to review the lessons I learned from her that day.
Barb was a devout Catholic, generous in sharing her knowledge as well as giving in other ways.  She would read my blog to see what I was working on.  One particular time when working on Nantucket Broom Ride and I had cellulitis she sent me a 'get well card' with various pieces of wool to assist with my problem.
That problem was what shade purple to use for the goode witch riding the whale because I didn't have a good one and was determined to make her clothing purple.  Barb also suggested that such an adventurous gal should have a scarf flowing behind her.  Oh, and red hair.  It was quite a surprising 'get well' package indeed.  Just one instance of her friendship and generosity.

She would also send cards for no reason, I kept one (wish I'd kept them all) which has a cut out primitive flower shape that I'd like to trace out one day and make into a pattern.  Her cards were always up-lifting and with inspirational words.

Nantucket Broom Ride is a design by Lori Brechlin and pattern sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  The pattern won't have the scarf but I'll bet if you ask Kris nicely she'd draw one on for you since she has this picture on her web site.

I could write volumes about that LADY, and she was indeed a Lady in all manners of speaking.  She also had a great sense of humor.  You will be missed Barb, rest in peace and happy hooking in heaven with your friends Bobbi, Emma Lou and Jayne Hester. 💜💜



  1. I'm very sorry for the loss of your beautiful teacher, mentor and friend. What a beautiful tribute to Barb Carroll. You paint a beautiful picture of her and I'm sure as you said, you could write a book with other accolades and stories.

    It's been raining again today but it stopped so I've been weeding one of the flowerbed so I can plant my coleus and needed to get a wee snack to tie me over and didn't had time to leave a message but decided that I would make the time.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. I was so late to the rug hooking world, I only know her by her books and what things you have said through the years. I am so happy she is reunited with her rug hooking friends. How awesome to have had such a mentor. Not to mention the help she was always ready to give you. I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. So sorry for the loss of your friend and mentor. Kinderhook basket is wonderful!!!

  4. I was not very articulate last night and for that I apologize...I am sorry I broke the news right before your bed time...and I truly am sorry for the loss of your friendship. She was, indeed, a legend...(even I know that LOL) and your tribute to her honors her well and good. You can bequeath Kinderhook Basket to gt...but, if I survive you, MD, I'd love nothing more than Nantucket Broom Ride. She is absolutely amazing. Your loving et.

  5. Oh, I had not heard this. What sad news and what a loss for all of us. I'm sorry for your personal loss as you knew her so well. Rest in Peace, Barb, and thank you for your inspiration.

  6. Barb Carrol sounds like such a special woman .... you were lucky to have met her & all the wonderful memories you have . Love both your rugs she helped you with . They are even more special now .

  7. Sad for sure!!had not heard this news,,,,a great tribute ,,,,I loved her style,,,Never met her,,,, Sorry, Saundra!!!

  8. Her books with Emma Lou were the first books I purchased when I started hooking. Lucky you that you got to have time with her.
    So sorry

  9. Saundra, I did not hook with Barb as many times as I am sure you did, but I was able to hook with her 3 times in Liginoir, at the ATHA Biennial, in Fredericksburg, and in Tyler several times. She was so much fun. Such an eye and memory for her wools. She and I both loved Indian jewelry. She is such a loss to rug hooking and all those who knew her. When I think of her, she will be smiling as she did that so easily.

  10. Very sorry to hear the news. I do remember you talking about her before. Such a loss for the rug hooking world. Janice


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