Tuesday, June 14, 2022


After an arduous 2 months working on and off this piece I'm calling it done for better or worse.  I've tweaked the eye so many times am surprised the linen isn't shredded.  This project was done for me and never as an entry to Celebrations because my work isn't at that level nor worthy of such notoriety.   
Looking at the photo the eye still isn't perfect and, that isn't what a perfectly hooked fishbowl with water would like either.  But a mother and daughter have unconditional love so think Mother would forgive me and perhaps even tell a lil' white lie and say it looked perfect ~ tho I know it isn't.    

Now I can move on to steam & bind Mother (while it stares back at me in the living room), then hook Mary Comstock and/or the new one.  

Hope you are working on something you enjoy.



  1. You did an amazing job on this Mother with Fish Bowl for a first time in monotone Getting fine details with a wide strip is beyond my ability and doing in monotone colors would be an even a bigger challenge. You can pat yourself on the back for sticking to it and finishing it. Your mother would be very proud and so you should be proud of your success.

    As for me, I'm working hard in the gardens but it's not as much fun as pulling loops. Hopefully, this Sunday, I may be able to pull some loops.

  2. I think you are your worst critic I think it looks amazing!! Very well done

  3. An awesome job!!!!love it,,,,be proud,,,!!!!

  4. You did good! I don't think I'd even attempt to hook from that photo, sweet as it is.

  5. I agree with all the above comments ...you did a great job & your Mother would have tears in her eyes , she would be so proud !!!
    We are our worst critics .
    Onto some Fun hooking Saundra !!!!

  6. I am sure your mom is looking down and smiling at her tribute rug. Fantastic job!!! Janice

  7. Oh she is wonderfully beautiful, MD!!! Your mother would be so very proud...and, yes, she would have tears in her eyes. You are far too humble. I would never even consider taking on such an amazing challenge. It's not just the narrow cuts...or the color planning...but I lack the ability to step back and take in the "whole" while I am hooking.... My nose is squashed up on each specific little bit I am hooking and can't relate it to the entirety. That would never ever work in a piece like this. Be proud.... ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  8. "move on to steam & bind Mother" LOL

  9. I think you did an exceptional job. You are too hard on yourself


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