Friday, June 10, 2022


What was I working on in June 5 years ago?  Well, here is the finished rug.  It is named Gossip and sold by Woolley Fox.  However, if you purchase the pattern (designed by Bill Laraway), it won't look exactly like this.  I took creative license to make the feathered friends the way I wanted.
You can read more about the rug's evolvement by clicking HERE.

In case you're wondering, I've still not drawn out my next project but have enlarged the drawing.  Have decided to endure finishing Mother and Fishbowl come hell or highwater.  Tweaked the eye numerous times  over the last couple days and surprised the linen endured the torture.  Working on the fishbowl now and not stopping until that is done.  Once done am not sure I'll make any more changes whether it needs it or least don't think so at this point.

'Tis a very nice mild Friday and tomorrow will be rainy.  Which might be a good time for me to draw out a pattern.  Hope you have a great weekend.

Happy hooking.



  1. What a lovely rug. I like all of the different birds you did for you. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Its hot here. 105 today, I am binding a rug. Go figure. I look forward to your next pattern.

  2. You hooked that 5 years ago !!! I remember seeing that on your blog ....Wow , time is going too fast !!!
    It was a beautiful , perfect day here today , I played outside after taking my dog to the Vet for his yearly physical .
    Tomorrow I am going to my very first Hook IN ,. It is in Connecticut , I will go with some new friends who have been hooking for years . I am so excited to go !!!!
    Good luck hooking your Mother's fish bowl & hope you will Love it !!!

  3. PS ....I am Happy it's Friday too !!!! Cheers !!!!

  4. Happy FriYay MD.... Like Nancy said, wow, time is going by way too fast. I love this rug...and (shhhh...) I like your version better. Such a great job on the birds - they look so very real. That being said, I'd love a rug with that big wonderful crow and one of those amazing feathers....Simply that. Your weather is tracking ours...or, more likely, ours is tracking yours. Beautiful day here although the sun was playing hide and seek most of the day....but rain tomorrow. Looking forward to the mother finish. ~Robin~ (i.e., the Cranky Crow)

  5. I can't believe it's already 5 years since you hooked that rug. To me it feels more a few years. Do you realize that we are aging at the same pace our rugs are aging? Only we are much older then them, lol.
    Your version is better in my view.

    This week has gone so fast and we are already on the second week of June.
    I finally finished weeding, debugging, and hoeing my two very long rows of potatoes at the farm and I'm done planting my corn. There's still a lot more planting and weeding to do. I should be pulling loops instead of weeds, it would be more fun.

    Enjoy the weekend even if it rains.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Gosh!!!5 years ago,,,,I remember that,,,!!!time Flys,,Good for you to stick to ur mums mat!!!!

  7. I do remember you working on this rug. Has it been that long? Janice


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