Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Mother with Fishbowl has been bound and while the eye and brow still bother me it is going to stay as it is, or at least for now with no plans to change it.  And, that shadow at the hairline doesn't look right either.  Oh well, at least it isn't in a tote and residing in the attic.  
Am still enjoying working on Cottage and Apple Tree and the Mary Comstock pattern is in the tote but within eye shot to torture me.

Have you ever seen a black haired squirrel?  A local woman used to mention them when there was a wine tasting and she lives within a half mile of me.  The condition is called melanism so is a genetic mutation.  I finally saw one at the squirrel gathering spot under my birdfeeders.  A few seconds before taking the photo there was another normal colored squirrel in the scene.  I waited for it to return so you could compare but was afraid the black squirrel would get 'squirrely' and leave.   If the black squirrel returns I'll try to capture a better photo of it.
The low humidity and low temps have given rise to devilish hot and steamy weather.  Later this evening a thunderstorm is expected and rain into tomorrow as well. 

Happy hooking or whatever form of entertainment floats your boat.



  1. We have Lots of black squirrels in our yard .....they are easier to see , so my dog will go crazy as he watches them chase each other all around . They were first seen not to far from me in Westfield ,Mass. They are very common here now.

    Was a nice rainy day here today & cool . The 90's wil be here for the weekend ! Back to Summer thyme !

  2. Mother looks wonderful as she is and yay you for being so diligent with your binding. We have a lot of black squirrels around here as well...and there are more in town. They are (mostly) welcome in my yard...but their cousins, the red squirrels? They drive me NUTS. (No pun intended.) Beautiful day here today - high of only 80ยบ and a somewhat forceful "breeze," but tomorrow and Friday the temps climb again..... Hopefully we will get some rain on the weekend. We've been too dry. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. I had to look and look it looks like a shadow. I have never seen one before.
    Your mother rug is wonderful such a wonderful piece to have in your collection.

  4. My daughter lives in Ottawa and they have lots of black squirrels there too. Ours are a greyish brown.

    Good for you for finishing your Mother and Bowl rug. You did a wonderful job.

    I spent the first part of the day helping with preparations for a large funeral reception at our church hall and the rest of the daylight time weeding my irises.

  5. Interesting about the squirrel. I don't think I've ever heard of a black haired squirrel. Fun!

  6. We have black squirrels,,,,,and brown ones,,,,,So many this year,!!!!keep cool,,ll we had a short heat wave,,,,thank goodness,,,,,,
    And now it's perfect ,,,,,l


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