Sunday, June 26, 2022


Actually it isn't a surprise is it?  This occurs regularly as we all enjoy a good rug show.  I have been hooking a little on the Cottage but haven't put the Comstock on my frame in a while; guess I should do that again soon.

This morning I did my normal perusing of antique rugs on web sites but didn't find anything but one.  However I've many saved on a flash drive from previous searches.  

The one I found is a child with 3 pups and said to be hooked in the 19th century.  Dimensions are 38 x 41 and as you can see has a hit and miss border.
An oval shaped rug with bowl of flowers measuring 22 x 40 was said to be hooked in the 1900's.
The dog rug below has quite an unusual border design.  This 1
876 Recumbent Dog rug measures 29 x 46.5.
Another Dog rug but with 4 cats and flowers.  It measures 36 x 69 and dated 1939.
Horse and Sulky rug no date provided but it measures 30 x 49.  At the bottom is inscribed Let her go.  
Oh my, just had a flashback from my youth ~ there was a horse race park less than a mile from my house.  I owned my own horse and the horse races were usually held in the evening or weekends so thought it would be a great place to ride Richie and let him run.  I was on the track when out of nowhere came this horse and sulky being exercised.  There was a near collision, the man screamed at me and I got the heck out of Dodge and never went back there again.  The driver, horse and sulky were fine so was I and Richie but learned a great lesson.

No date was provided but the Lion rug measures 17 x 31.  Interesting to me is the pastel colors make the lion less fierce looking.
This Lion below looks like he had one too many shots with the boys.  The hooker has him on patchwork, was hooked early 20th century and measures 39 x 60.
Scrolls with central bouquet measures 32 x 54 but no date provided.
Heat and humidity is back but very little rain to speak of so grass has only to be cut every two weeks instead of every week.  Hope things aren't crispy where you live.

Happy hooking.



  1. Fun rug show ! i love the border on the first rug ....Let Her Run is a beauty , but your story had to be terrifying ! I don't think I will ever attempt scrolls !!!
    It is in the 90's here today and humid .....a good day to stay inside & hook !!!

  2. That last floral/scroll rug is beautiful...and the hooked lions always make me laugh. Not sure why but they are all so wonderfully wonky. Too funny about the almost-collision with the horse and sulky...although it would not have been humorous had you actually collided. Cool and WINDY here... Lows back down to 45º. Seriously. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. Wonderful as always Saundra. You know which one caught my eye...4 cats! Now if I can just get away from cross stitching...

  4. These are all great antique mats!!!
    Love the dog with the flowers and hit and miss,!!

  5. Thanks for the lovely rug show. My favorite one is the race track horse one, Let Her Go. Your near collision story was a wake up call for you. Did you told your parents?
    My older sister and I, missed by a hair of being trampled on by a big bull our neighbour put in the fenced field neat our house to mate his cow and he was in full protection mode that evening. We decided to take our usual short cut through the field as it looked like the cow and the bull were sleeping... In seconds, he was on attack mode. I ripped my new little red coat in the barb wire fence in our narrow escape. Both of us thought it was funny and laughed ourselves silly. We didn't realized how it could have ended if we didn't escaped when we did. Silly kids...

  6. My favs are the bowl of flowers and the trotter. Love them! Janice

  7. So how old were you when you and Richie decided to take a spin around the track?
    I love that bowl of flowers!!!
    I am trying to get grass to grow. I was hoping it would be planted 2 months ago so I would not have to try to get it to grow now, but getting the landscaper here took many phone calls...and it is even someone I know. GGGRRRRRRR! Our rain totally fizzled today and everything is getting crunchy. I shudder to think what my water bill will be ;-(

  8. I am with Lauren I love the bowl of flowers. We had our first warm and humid weekend but rain coming in tonight and then clearing tomorrow.
    We have had perfectly wonderful weather

  9. How lovely. It would be so hard for me to pick a rug. I love your story about the horse. We used to have a track here too.


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