Friday, June 17, 2022


...for the reveal of the new rug on my frame.  
Let me tell you it was a difficult decision because my love of all those  vintage rugs remained constant throughout the days since first posting.  Normally my passion wanes and I lose interest on one or two.  Not this time.   But this is the one I chose.... Cottage with Apple Tree.
Getting antsy working on the house since it is so big and want to move on to the trees or something else.  Question to I finish the house first and as dessert move on or have fun on another motif and go back to the house?   Hmmmm, guess I've another decision to make.  Oh if all of life decisions were that easy.

Mother and Fishbowl has been steamed and in the process of being slowly bound.  But not before doing one more tweak.  Will explain and show it in a future post.

Happy hooking.




  1. Well I would love to see the whole rug lol. I love it so far! Good choice.

  2. You like to tease us whenever you can. Like Cathy, I'd love to see the whole pattern but go ahead and play your teasing game. I'm a patient girl and will eventually see it. lol.

    I noticed that you used a fine cut to outline the house and I assume the darker outline will be the background. I'm looking forward to see more soon.

    Take care and enjoy the new rug project.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Ha ha... of all the rugs in the running, this was not the one I thought you would end up doing....but glad to read the excitement back in your hooking talk. Looks like you are once again nailing the colors of the original. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. I love reading the comments here ~ that's what it is. Julia nailed it, the fine outline on the house. Not your everyday technique. Sure adds character.

  5. Its beautiful! I love seeing your work and your rugs. You really do inspire me.

  6. Holy hell, woman. You just finished Mother and Fishbowl (lovely btw) and you are complaining about the binding going slowly??? I haven't even started binding Ole Jack and I finished that months ago.
    Great start on the new rug! Your outlining is just perfect.
    I sure do miss my hook!!!

  7. Oh I Love this pattern ! Love how you are hooking the house ! Funny how you refer to hooking the trees as an ice cream treat !!! feel like that too with some designs !
    I bet you tweaked your Mother's fish bowl !

    I Love this design you are hooking ! The house looks so pretty ....funny how you refer to doing the trees as an ice cream treat !
    One more tweak to your Mother's Fish Bowl ???
    Happy you are enjoying hooking !!!!

  8. Whoops ....I thought I deleted the first message ...sorry about that

  9. Love anything with a house in it!!!can't wait to see whole mat!!!
    Love the colors!!!


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