Thursday, June 2, 2022


In other words, I'm in search of 'the next one'.  As you know I've become unenamoured with my current projects.  So went perusing my favorite sites, my flash drives and also the Magdalena booklet to see what rugs I haven't hooked yet.  There are a couple Magdalena's I haven't yet hooked but passed them by this time.

This is just the auditioning of rugs because maybe tomorrow none of these will float my boat ~ that fickle factor ya know.

I've probably posted this Cottage with apple tree, birds, horse and chicken rug previously.  It  measures 30 x 42 but I wouldn't draw mine that big, said to be circa 1920.
Oh nice!!!!!!  Given the name Wyeth Rose by the auction house, makes  me wonder if one of the Wyeth artists owned it at one time.  The dimensions of the rug are 34.5 x 62.5 and hooked late 19th century.  It would be fun using my 'old patina' overdyed wool and color worms to work this one for sure.
Still stuck in my head from a previous post, is this rug hooked late 19th/early 20th century.  While the original antique measures 32 x 52.5 if I choose this one mine won't be drawn that big.
Oh, and this Deer hooked late 19th /early 20th century is still on that list too.  
For some reason this geometric with horses also appeals to me.  Perhaps the colors?
Unfortunately I've not exhausted my vault of antique rugs so haven't made a decision.  Therefore will trudge along on pulling loops, sewing labels or whatever it takes to make this humdrum feeling pass.


  1. Everybody goes through those lows once in a while. Maybe you need a rest from working on rugs and it time to draw one of those tantalizing deers... You can always return to pulling loops as soon as the you get your mojo back.

    I haven't had time to pull a single loop since the hook-in. No time to even think of hooking. Still planting and weeding. A never ending job around here. Tomorrow I'll be planting corn. Today, I help planting tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers at the farm with my son Vaughan and George. George has planting fever and makes huge gardens. I planted two rows of green beans in my son's garden because I don't have the place in my own garden. Now I'm resting in front of my computer and then, I'm hitting the shower and going to bed.

    I hope you sleep well tonight, I know I will. I'm bone tired.
    Hugs, Julia


  2. Yikes, look at all those spelling errors.

  3. You never run out of ideas that's for sure. All wonderful rugs.

  4. I always like that looking for my next project. I love that top rug so much. I look forward to seeing what you do draw out. You do such a nice job of doing patterns. I have sure enjoyed the rugs I bought from you.

  5. Lots of possibility there,,,,love the cottage!!!

  6. Good luck! I know your choice will be a good one. Janice

  7. Methinks your mojo and my mojo are off somewhere together on a holiday. Somehow I know yours will return home long before mine. I love that last ones... That border is not one I typically like, but those colors are incredible. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  8. I would guess 2 deer will be in your least I hope so ;-)

  9. I think you should hook the 2 Deer too ! Love that little Blue house in the background.
    I Love the Cottage too !!!

  10. The Cottage rug catches my eye every time I see simple and charming


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