Sunday, June 12, 2022

Weekend Stuff

Pulled out the dye pots again to do a little Olde Patina dying which was successful.  This is about a yard give or take and done in two dye pots.  Each had some cream wool and off white wool.  One pot had 2 tablespoons of dye and the other with 1 1/2 teaspoons.  In antique rugs not all are soiled evenly so wanted various degrees of dirty white.  
Am planning ahead for when one of these vintage rugs becomes the next one on my frame.  And I have darker dirty/muddy available.  The first old rug is known as Wyeth Rose previously shown in my antique rug show.
Or perhaps the wool will be used when I want to hook these gorgeous deer.
Also cut and serged linen on which a design was drawn for the 'next pattern on my frame'.  Nope, it isn't on the frame yet because I'm determined to finish Mother and Fishbowl.

If you want to see the Olde Patina Recipe you can see it and a previous post when worms were overdyed with it HERE.

Happy hooking.



  1. Both of these patterns are so pretty !!! Have to check out your dye recipe , think I have to take the plunge & give it a try !!!

  2. Nope...not gonna do it. I'm not going to dye...I'm NOT!! (Me talking myself out of another mess.) Your end results look yummy. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. I love your results, Saundra. I can picture a deer in that wool.
    Come on, Robin, be brave and give dyeing a try next time you have a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised. It's so much fun seeing the results. There are a lot of techniques on the internet. You can even dye with a handful of onion skin with amazing results.

    I was going to buy a Cushing dye recipe book when I first started to hook but somehow it never materialized. Dyeing wool is half of the fun of rug hooking, seeing the picture come to life by pulling loops is the other half.

  4. Looks lovely. Are you still creating your dolls? Saundra, I purchased one of your Uncle Sam dolls, The Patriot, in 2008. He proudly sits on a bench in our living room from June to September when I bring out our summer patriotic decor. Your work is wonderful! Shared him on my Instagram account today @sjpa48.

  5. Ack! I just can't keep up with all your posts!
    I can't believe you hooked Gossip 5 years ago!!!
    Happy your dye day was more successful ;-)

  6. Love that rose mat with that colorful background,,,,Fun!

  7. Checked out the formula for Olde Patina. How much wool strips did you use for the 2 tablespoons of dye formula?

  8. You are a NO-Reply blogger so am unable to reply to you personally. Not sure how much yardage there was with the worms I just decided to add 2 T. You can fix the no reply, just google it or next time use the EMAIL ME spot on my blog with questions so I can respond.


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